Happy Thanksgiving


Today is a day for giving thanks, and while we’re enjoying the day with our family and friends, I wanted to drop a [Read More…]

This “Controversial” T-shirt Niche Can Make You RICH!


Gun control is a very hot topic here in the United States… Regardless of which argument you support, there is an opportunity for you to use this to get your message out via t-shirts.

I have some examples to show you in the training video below … But before you watch this video, please know that I have no interest in [Read More…]

Where to Get Custom T-shirt Transfers Made


In the video, I reveal a source that’ll take your t-shirt design ideas and put them onto custom screen printed plastisol transfer paper (custom transfers).  I also discuss where you can find designers that’ll draw out your [Read More…]

How to Find a Cheap Heat Press in Town

Where to Get a Cheap Name Brand Heat Press

If you’re a little tight on cash and need to find a great bargain on a heat press, check out the video below. I show you how and where to find quality used heat press machines from people in your area who literally have these machines sitting in their garage or basements collecting dust.

As I’ve indicated in prior posts… You don’t have to go out and purchase new heat presses. Use those savings to [Read More…]

The Hardcore Truth About Starting a T-shirt Business

Each week, we get a ton of questions about starting a t-shirt business and I thought it would be a great idea to address some of those here. Some of the questions are weird and strange — and I answer those. And many are great questions… Listen in and if you have some questions, post them down below.

Play the video below…

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