The Hardcore Truth About Starting a T-shirt Business

Each week, we get a ton of questions about starting a t-shirt business and I thought it would be a great idea to address some of those here. Some of the questions are weird and strange -- and I answer those. And many are great questions... Listen in and if you have … [Read More...]


Interview: From $6K to a Billion Dollar Clothing Line

Chase Jarvis is chatting with Marc Ecko, founder of one of the most famous clothing lines of all time, Ecko. Marc and Chase will be talking about how to turn your art into a brand without compromising the authenticity of your personal vision. Feel free to … [Read More...]


Dream BIG — Get the Losers Out of Your Life!

Don't let anyone steal your dream... You are an uncommon breed. You are GREAT!!! You don't have it wrong -- everyone else has it wrong! Invest in yourself... Play the following video: … [Read More...]

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Do You Have What it Takes to Start a T-shirt Business?

Truth be told, many of us don't have the guts to get out there and make things happen... Some would rather make excuses and blame their current circumstances on why they can't get ahead. A friend of mine started a business 5 years ago. She has thousands of … [Read More...]


Pressing T-shirts for 15 Minutes for a $200 Profit!

While pressing 40 t-shirts on camera for a church that did our t-shirt fundraiser, I show you some tips to ensure you're heat pressing your t-shirts and transfers the proper way, and I talk about some other relevant things to starting a business with a t-shirt heat … [Read More...]