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“Now You Can Produce ‘Screen Print Quality’ Tees From Home and Tap Into this Billion Dollar T-shirt Business — Right From Your Kitchen Table!”


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Dear T-shirt Entrepreneur,

My name is Cartess Ross, founder of TshirtRiches, and the author of the ‘Quick-Start Guide to Making T-shirts at Home’. If you like the idea of creating and coming up with your own unique t-shirt design ideas, while also earning a profitable living from it, then I’m the guy that can show you exactly how to do it.

This is something I do extremely well and have been helping other t-shirt business startups do the same for well over 15 years now.

You aren’t the only one — there are many who wake up in middle of the night with a vision to create and design t-shirts. While you may have some great t-shirt design ideas, most don’t know how or where to start. I’ve worked with literally thousands of t-shirt startups from all over the world and can easily help you navigate this terrain.

My unorthodox strategies, techniques, marketing and quick-start tactics have helped thousands of others to start, launch and grow their t-shirt company and brand.

“I Can Help You Turn Your T-shirt Design Ideas into a Profitable T-shirt Business That Pays You for Life!”

There are many ways to making and selling t-shirts… But the method I use is the ONLY way to break into this business without spending a small fortune on high-end equipment, supplies and warehouse space that’s required when going the screen printing route…

In addition, my method doesn’t require a HUGE learning curve… I’ve seen firsthand how so many t-shirt startups spend a fortune on all of this screen printing equipment and then go out of business because they couldn’t earn enough revenue to cover all of the debt they’ve absorbed starting out.

Plus, the learning curve for screen printing is outrageous… Unless you’re already familiar with the process, it’s not a good idea to start out this way to create your own shirts. If you haven’t seen the video above, watch it now — you could literally be producing screen print quality tees right from your kitchen table!

Making money from your t-shirts can take forever if you don’t know what you’re doing. Just because you have great designs doesn’t mean people will buy.

You gotta plan and setup strategic marketing and advertising programs to get your t-shirt line and brand out to the masses. This is the missing part for many t-shirt entrepreneurs — they’re too cheap and think they can build a profitable company from free social media websites and posts — doesn’t work that way buddy.

If you’d like to get an inside look into how you can start your own t-shirt business — using the t-shirt design ideas you have… I’d encourage you to sign-up for my free mini-course. I have a bunch of tutorials that explain the process of starting, launching and building your own t-shirt business!

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*Your contact information is safe and won’t be shared or sold. We hate spam and will only deliver you training and updates about our programs to your inbox. Your e-mail address will not be used for any commercial purposes. You can opt out any time.

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