Clamshell Heat Press

This machine comes in both a manual press and an automatic open press — both are presented on this page.

Manual Clamshell Heat Press

The MAXX Clam heat press from Hotronix out performs every machine in its class. This line of heat presses features digital controls for easy operation. The patented, over-the-center pressure adjustment allows for even pressure and heating edge-to-edge.This press boasts the industry’s best warranty and price guarantee.Optional platens are available for effortless heat printing on bags, pant legs, or shirt sleeves.

This is a budget-friendly heat press is a great choice for those just getting into heat printing, for those heat printing part-time, or if you’re in need of a back-up press.

Play the video below to see it in action…

Automatic Open Clamshell Heat Press

With its patented magnetic auto open feature, graphics can be heat applied while you’re busy prepping the next garment. Eliminate guesswork; you’ll always know the pressure setting with the digital pressure display. The patented magnetic assist lock down provides maximum pressure so locking your machine down is effortless. The patented Over-the-Center Pressure Adjustment allows the platen to “float”, delivering even heat and pressure edge to edge for a perfect application every time.

Play the video below to see it in action…

If you’re interested in pricing information, or if you’d like to purchase one of these heat press machines, choose one below:


  1. Demetria says:

    I have the Stahls automatic heat press and purchased opaque and white transfer paper from Best blanks. Not only did my design not print, it stuck to the top of the machine. What did I do wrong? The instructions to the transfer paper says not to mirror but it only seems logical too.

    • Hi Demetria,

      Did you allow the machine to sit 30 minutes prior to using the machine and did you have the machine set on the correct temperature per the instructions?

  2. I’m looking to cut my own patterns,but not sure what cutting machine to get,any suggestions? Also can you put a pattern over another pattern without messing the first one up with more heat? Thank you

    • Hi John,
      To be honest, we have never printed our own designs due to the quality it provides. The best possible quality would be to have designs screen printed. When having designs screen printed this eliminates any cutting that may be required. I’m not sure how it would look if you printed over another pattern. My opinion it probably wouldn’t look right, but it will not hurt to try it and see for yourself.

  3. My friend has a cutting machine that cuts the vinyl pattern and then he removes the extra vinyl and puts it on a shirt. I don’t think it’s the same as what your doing
    ? He also makes banners,window stickers,can your system do those things. I am going to get into this business ,but I want to make sure I’m getting the right stuff. Thank you for all your advice and help.

    • Hi John,
      We have always specialized in tshirts. If you wish to get a better understanding of what it is that is involved in doing tshirts. Please click the link to sign up for our FREE mini course.

      If you’re wondering if the course we have available will help you with your business. Yes, it can! In a lot of ways the tshirts and doing banners, stickers are alike in many ways. The marketing will apply because marketing is marketing regardless of what business you may have.

  4. Will i be able to change the labels to my company’s name. and how can I get terry cloth lettering?

  5. Dominique says:

    Hi. I just ordered the Maxx heat press from the given link above. Any idea of when shipping info. and a confirmation will be sent to me? I’m not sure if this is through you all or a third party.

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