Beer T-shirts??? College Student Gets Kicked Out of Dorm and Earns Over $1 Million in T-shirt Sales

I’m still blown away by the type of t-shirts people sell and make money with… Like many other entrepreneurs, Roy Laniado decided to start his t-shirt company from his dorm room.

Only problem was that New York University (NYU) bans students from running a “for-profit business” from dorm rooms. When they found out Roy was running a t-shirt business, they threw him off campus.

A lot of folks would have stopped there, but not Roy… He packed up and immediately moved his operation into an apartment in Queens NY.

Wear Your Beer cracked the $1 million mark in 2011 — and expects to hit the $10 million mark by 2015.

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Hopefully this story will motivate you to finally take the plunge and launch… One t-shirt at a time is all you need to get started.

Give it a shot… You’ll never know unless you try!

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Frans says

hi Ross..

i am very much interested in this kind of business. i have been yearning to own t-shrt business

i need to know the cost of the machine
how am i going to possess it (transferred to me)
when will the machine be available

i am in koster, northwest, Sourth Africa.

hope to hear from you soon

    kimross says

    Hi Frans,
    Thanks for stopping by. Please click the link below to see the machines we recommend. Also, prices are listed to give you a general idea of what the machine we recommend cost.

    I apologize, we only ship the heat press machines within the US. You may try looking on ebay for cheaper machines and sellers who may ship to South Africa.

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