How to Make T-shirt Transfers CHEAPER

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Cartess Ross empowers you to quickly and easily build your own t-shirt empire by providing you with the resources you need to get off to a strong start. He's outlined a comprehensive t-shirt business start-up course that can be accessed online 24-7. If you're ready to take those t-shirt design ideas twirling around in your head and turn it into cash, check out his t-shirt business start-up course right now!

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Ben Reply

Would you be able to tell us which transfer companies you’re quoting?


vera Reply

great learning video . wanting to get this same business started, however not quite sure where to start.

Bensmithj Reply

I can not yet afford to buy t-shirts in bulk
so I have run in to the problem of the
size not bing uniform, some brands sizes are smaller or bigger then other brands
some brands don’t come in the color the client wants so I change brands the size is off
How do you make sure the t-shirts sizes are uniformed?

    jimmy Reply

    I use You can buy a few to alot and they ship quickly. I started with 4 colors size s thru xl I bought just over 100 shirts for around $200 with free shipping. thats only $2 per shirt . The white shirts are cheaper so if you go only white your cost is much less. You can buy 5 shirts if you want.

Kue Reply


Jim Reply

Hello Cartess

I don’t see your PDF file for the different vendors, to make custom transfers. Would be a real time saver if you would send me a link to download.
On another note, just wanna say I really enjoy your videos, you have some great ideas. I just got my 15×15 Sunie press yesterday and today I received about a dozen T-shirts and various transfers from Proworld….I’m gonna try my first press EVER in the morning. I also just went on HostMonster and bought a years worth of web hosting… I’m really excited and can’t wait to get started. I have a great idea about a Christian T-shirt, just need to get it out of my head and onto some paper, but gotta find an artist better than myself.This is gonna be a great way to supplement our families income.

Thank you so much Mr.Ross
God Bless you and yours
Jim Tally

    jimmy Reply

    I have found that different transfers from different company s press differently. So get extra to experiment with.

    Hoyt jones Reply

    Hi mr Ross my name hoyt jones I really want to get this t- shirt business move but I’m stuck on what to do first

      Kimberly Ross Reply

      Hi Hoyt,

      We have information available on our website that will assist you in starting your own business. Yes, we do have a course that is available that will definitely get you on your way and will provide you with all the tools you’ll need to get started.

      Please click out our other program

      Here’s information about the heat press machines we have available and what we highly recommend. There’s pricing information as well as information about the machines.

      We also recommend that you purchase a machine that’s at least 16×20. Anything smaller than the 16×20 you’ll have issues printing on larger items.

      If the machine are outside of your budget try looking on Amazon, Ebay, or Craigslist.

      If you find machines that are none other than the machines we recommend. Please do your research on the machine by reading reviews by individuals that have purchased the machine you’ve found that’s within your budget.

      If you wish to have designs screen printed…Please click the link below.

      However, we highly recommend screen printed transfers. Printing from a printer will not provide you the same results as screen printed designs and will not last as longer. The transfers we have are better than the transfer paper sold in stores. Again, this method can not replace or compare to screen printed transfers.

      We have a source list available for purchase. The source list includes various companies to purchase custom, and pre-made transfers from a list of transfer vendors as well as vendors to purchase blank shirts.

      The price for custom transfers will be determined by the amount of colors you have in your design. If you are on a tight budget then I would recommend no more than 2 colors in the design. The more colors in the design the more it will cost to have the designs screen printed onto the release paper.

      If you would, please click the link below to purchase the source list.

Dennis Reply

Hello Cortess. I really enjoy your videos and all the valuable information. Do you have access to selling heat presses?

Dennis Reply

One of your posts indicated that a starter kit for transfers could be ordered from you. I attempted to provide all required information but it could not be processes. Any further instructions would be appreciated.

La'Terrance Cole Sr. Reply

Hi, I’m La’Terrance Cole and i have a four color press and just would like to know what do you think is better, screen printing or heat press? as of cost in ink, paper, supplies, and other things like that? God has given me some great ideals to reach the world and just would love to be wise in which one is better and profitable aswell? Also i have a word that God given to me in my dream thats mention in the bible 1 time. So it will be something like what would Jesus do? So should i copyright, trademark, or register trademark it? Thanks so much for your wisedom, knowledge, and the time to show how a man of God make things happen in life. Man I thank God for you so much! Your my mentore for real!! So be blessed and stay humble. P.S. you can hit me back at Thanks again!

La’Terrance Cole Sr.

Cartess Ross Reply

Get started with our online t-shirt business training program — it’ll give you the jumpstart you need to cut down on mistakes and help you get off to a great start:

Cartess Ross Reply

I’m not sure I’m following you… If you’re getting started, you don’t need to buy blank t-shirts in bulk. You can but 8 tees if that’s all you wanted. It may cost you a little more, but it’s not like you have to purchase 1,000 tees to get going… Try these sites: or

Cartess Ross Reply

I would tell ya, but I’ve never used that company before… Their price list was readily available and I simply printed it. Hate to recommend them and they do a poor job making your transfers :-)

Cartess Ross Reply

Dang it… I forgot to add that link below the video, I’ll upate it momentarily, but here’s the link for now:

Congrats on taking control of your own destiny… It’s scary at first, but the rewards and satisfaction will come. Let us know how your first ‘press’ goes in the morning!

Cartess Ross Reply

Glad I could help… Yes, we have heat presses available, see this page here:

Cartess Ross Reply

What kind of error message did u get? Were u ordering from this page:

    Dennis Reply

    This link worked. I just placed my order. After receiving my kit I anticipate getting a heat press. Thanks!

Cartess Ross Reply

Hi and welcome La’Terrance,

I definitely like the heat press method — it’s cheaper to start, cleaner, and easier to do from a spare bedroom or kitchen table at home. Ink won’t be all over the place, to include all on you and your personal clothing.

Someone else does all the messy work, while u simply ‘print on-demand’. You won’t have to stock a huge inventory and you can essentially print tees for as little as $1.50 – $1.85 each.

So there you have it… Transfers is my weapon of choice obviously… It evens the playing field for the small guy (or lady), to get into the industry and grow into a full-blown business.

Let me know if u have additional questions!

Cartess Ross Reply

I would tell ya, but I’ve never used that company before… Their price list was readily available and I simply printed it. Hate to recommend them and they do a poor job making your transfers :-)

SEM Reply

Hello, I looked at some of the T-shirt Transfer Vendors for Custom T-shirts Transfer Designs list you have above and they have an initual start up cost from about $50.00 on up, depending on the design, than of course the regular price for the transfer paper so in the long run it seems to be not cost effective. So wouldn’t you think it would be cheaper to do your own sceen printing, even if it might be a little more messy. Thanks SEM

Cartess Ross Reply


Great question… I don’t do screen printing, but many of my colleagues do, so I’m going on firsthand information I get from them (not to mention the complaints I hear them talk about all day).

The initial fees to get transfers custom made are very insignificant when compared to screen printing… In most cases, those initial start-up fee is a one-time fee to get your design made, afterwhich, you won’t have to pay same startup fee since your design will be saved and can be printed later (thus not having to be recreated).

With screenprinting, you’ll need an initial investment ranging from $4,000 – $8,000 just to get started… You’ll have to make screens for each color yourself, they’ll have to be flashed/cured, dried and a whole bunch of other non-sense that takes a lot of time (keep in mind, you HAVE to assign a cost to your time in setting these things up — I assure you that you’ll spend way more than $50 bucks in time just on one of the steps required to do with screen printing…).

You’ll have ink costs as well for each color, and don’t forget the big mess you’ll have to clean up after you’re done. That costs too. You’ll likely need to screen print off-site because of the space required, fumes from the inks, etc… (unless you have a garage or basement you can work from), thus adding to your costs…

There’s a whole lot more to this equation than what I’ve listed above… Now if u have time and money and want to go through this process, then by all means, jump at it…

But if you’re wanting some type of freedom to work from home and have a much easier day and better quality of life, then heat pressing is the way to go.

Both require work, no doubt… But I’d rather choose the lesser of the two evils.

I can print shirts with my machine and when I’m done, I can turn off the machine, turn off my lights and go upstairs and watch tv.

Jim Reply

First Press Ever !!!!
Went smooth as silk, I did about 5 or 6 Hot peels with a very snug and tight pressure on 390 for 10 seconds. all was perfect until I got to the Puff Ink peels……Man I don’t know what went wrong, but it’s gonna take a little tweaking with those Puff peels.
I also had some trouble with the larger transfers on the edges and ProWorld told me to raise the temperature to about 6 or 8 more degrees because the edges of the Heat Platen is not as hot as the center.
Trial and error man….but this is really a bunch of fun, I bet I could easily do this all day long.

Thank again

Cartess Ross Reply

Awesome news…

devin Reply

Hi, great video’s. I have been researching different printing methods for some time now and I am still struggling to figure out whether inkjet/laser jet transfers with a cutter or screen print transfers are the best way forward with quality and price in mind.
I plan to be printing on t-shirts and caps predominantly with designs ranging from simple to complex.
Have you any experience with other methods?


Jon Reply

Thanks a lot!!

Jlogova Reply

Hi Cartess, Joseph here. I am ready to purchase the package bundle. I have an old address on my checks. Would there be a problem with shipping to my new address. Thank you in advance…

Cartess Ross Reply

I can tell you right off that screen print transfers will be much better than inkjet/laser jet transfers — it’s not even close. Transfers still seem to be an issue people still have questions about. I’ll produce another video where I’ll try my best to stay on point and talk only about screen printed transfers versus those coming out of inkjet/laser printers… Stay tuned.

Cartess Ross Reply

That would be no problem at all… After you order, just e-mail us the shipping address: (email at bottom)

Monterrioelston14 Reply

I have been watching your videos for a few days now and I am about to order the bundle pack. It says if I order the one for $834 I will get free access to the t-shirt training program. Do we get the program for free for life or is it a limit? I see a few different prices when a person just wants to get the training program. You can email me at or write me on youtube, search Monterriojajuan and go to my channel and send me a message. I will try to come back here and see if you replyed to my message. Thanks and have a blessed day!

Cartess Ross Reply

You’ll have access to it for 2 years…

Mizz54vill Reply

How do u cut around the image on trasfer paper and can u make Family reunion shirt with transfer paper

Cartess Ross Reply

With these type of transfers, you don’t have to cut around the images… you just heat press the transfer design onto the t-shirt and that’s it. Nothing is left around the edges of the design. Yes, you can make family reunion tees with transfers.

Cartess Ross Reply

Hi Latrese… I e-mailed you a couple of times, didn’t hear back from ya (check your spam/bulk folders). The name of the book is called SRDS (Standard Rates and Data Services). Can generally find at the large regional/city libraries. You can purchase an online subscription at

Cartess Ross Reply

Please check out the course I have created. I have go in debt about the transfers and where to purchase them. The companies I have included in the courses do ship outside the US.


Cartess Ross Reply

You could but that’s not something I recommend. We usually deal with transfer companies that screen print the designs onto release paper. If you make your own transfers, I’m can only assume you will be printing your designs from a printer. Printing designs from a printer is useless and does not provide a quality products. Please click the link below to find out more.


Joe strong Reply

Very informative nice to see there is still people out that are willing to help thanks!

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