"Turn Your T-shirt Design Ideas Into an Incredible Source of Residual Income for LIFE"

Create your t-shirt design ideas once, and sell them over and over again...

Declare Your Independence & Build an Amazing T-shirt Company


Stop spending all of your time working to fulfill someone else's dream. When you're the boss, you decide what to focus on and what direction to take your company. FREEDOM is worth the price of pursuing your own venture. I got to stay home and watch my kids grow up. I go on their field trips. An impossible thing to do working for someone else.


You determine how much you wish to earn -- it's solely dependent on how much effort you put in. Every penny your t-shirt business earns goes to you -- the harder and smarter you work, the more you make. The profit is all yours!


When you own your own t-shirt business, you get to enjoy the benefits of writing off some of your expenses on taxes, like travel, food, clothing, phone bills and all kinds of other things. Plus, many small biz owners qualify for government incentives ... So, let's get ready to launch your t-shirt business.


This is a BIG face many people overlook. You can work faithfully for years, be the best employee, and make the company a bunch of money ... And then one day, the company downsizes and decides they don't want you there anymore, and just like that, your source of income disappears.It happens everyday. Be in charge of your own job security today by launching your own t-shirt brand.

I want to teach you everything you need to know about starting a t-shirt business from scratch. I want to show you how to take your creative t-shirt design ideas and build your very own t-shirt business.
I've put together an online video based training program that shows you step-by-step how to turn your t-shirt design ideas into a real-life business and pays you over and over again.

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Do you have what it takes to build a t-shirt business?

Duration: 30 minutes

People will challenge your idea of starting a biz into question. We show you how to stay strong!

How to Be Most Productive in Your New Business

Duration: 18 minutes

Identify the most important things you should be working on when starting this new t-shirt venture.

Setting short & long term goals for your t-shirt biz

Duration: 21 minutes

The super successful have written goals. It wasn't until I started doing this that things moved along quickly

Working with family and friends ... Should you do it?

Duration: 9 minutes

Not always a good idea, but there are times when it could work in your favor. We cover the pros and cons.


Making sense of your t-shirt design ideas

Duration: 8 minutes

Getting your thoughts and ideas together to determine which designs to start with first.

Coming up with a 'T-shirt Collection'

Duration: 5 minutes

A 'Collection' could make your t-shirt brand more valuable, discover why artists do this with their art.

Design it yourself or hire a t-shirt designer?

Duration: 42 minutes

The t-shirt design itself is the product people are buying. Be honest with yourself to decide who should do it.

Methods for printing t-shirts

Duration: 13 minutes

There's more than one way to get t-shirts designed. We discuss a variety of options in this training.

Branding your own t-shirt tags on back of the shirt

Content / Resources

There are required Federal guidelines you must follow for putting tags on tees. Don't skip this!

What makes a design good or bad?

Duration: 9 minutes

Customers will determine if your designs are great by voting with their wallet. Stack the odds in your favor

Defining t-shirt brand

Duration: 9 minutes

What do you stand for? How do you wish to be seen in the marketplace? We discuss all the details here.

Getting mock-ups or professional photographs

Duration: 10 minutes

Presentation is everything and can determine whether your shirts will sell or get picked up by retailers

Selling your own t-shirt transfers

Duration: 23 minutes

Put your designs onto transfers and let others buy and press shirts themselves. GREAT revenue!


Getting to know your potential customers

Duration: 8 minutes

To effectively sell, you must know who you're selling too. Stack the odds in your favor with this training.

Defining your strengths and weaknesses

Worksheet / Download:

Knowing this upfront will help you put together a stronger business model that helps you win BIG. 

Pricing your t-shirts

Content / Resources

How much should you charge for your t-shirt? Well, it all depends. Get a simple formula in this training.

Getting to know your competition

Duration: 22 minutes

Spying on the competition gives  you ideas you never thought of. Learn our tactic for getting insider information

Identifying opportunities and threats

Worksheet / Download:

You'll identify ways to shape your marketing to take advantage of opportunities and threats. 

Identifying your sales channel

Duration: 18 minutes

How will you get your tees sold to the end user? Each channel has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Coming up with your business name

Duration: 11minutes

What's in a name??? Well, EVERYTHING! Get this wrong and it'll be hard to change later.

Establishing your LLC - Corporation

Duration: 19 minutes

Protecting yourself against liability is a primary goal for getting a corporation, but there's more perks.

Establishing a business checking account

Content / Resources:

Discover everything you need to walk into the bank to open up an account in the business name.

Getting business license and permits

Duration: 8 minutes

Discover how and where to go get the required licensing and permits to start your t-shirt business.

Getting sales tax ID # to buy wholesale

Duration: 9 minutes

In order to purchase wholesale from many vendors, you'll need a sales tax ID #. We show you how to get one.


Selecting and buying your own dot-com name

Duration: 16 minutes

Don't mess this up by getting the wrong URL because you want to be clever. It can cost you a fortune later

Getting your shopping cart

Duration: 11 minutes

The cart keeps an ongoing tally of what people are buying and it can calculate shipping rates. Get it!

Adding sizing charts to your website

Content / Resources

Shirt size can vary by manufacturer and people want to know what they're getting - don't miss this.

Adding wholesale options to your website

Duration: 11 minutes

Adding a wholesale section to your site opens the door for others to buy in bulk to wholesale your t-shirts

Setting up your hosting account

Duration: 12 minutes

You'll need this to store all of the files, images and text that make up your website. Get my #1 choice.

Collecting payments for your t-shirt orders

Duration: 7 minutes

Discover the variety of options for collecting payments in-person, or directly from the website.

Setting up shipping options on your website

Duration: 6 minutes

Automatically calculate shipping rates based on weight, quantity, location, country, etc... 

Adding a newsletter

Duration: 9 minutes

This is a great way to stay in front of existing customers to showcase upcoming designs and specials.


Executing online marketing campaigns

Duration: 34 minutes

A big share of your sales will come from online marketing strategies you execute. Get all the details here.

Blogging for traffic and building your t-shirt brand

Duration: 6 minutes

With so many strategies for acquiring customers, blogging is one of the easiest -- if you're consistent.

Using social media

Duration: 11 minutes

Social media advertising allows you to zero in on the best candidates that are likely to buy your tees.

Buying instant traffic from Google, Yahoo & Bing

Duration: 19 minutes

Get access to millions of potential buyers in as little as 30-minutes. Let me explain how this model work.

Marketing on other websites

Duration: 19 minutes

Your potential buyers hang out on certain websites. Discover how to get in front of them to sell your line of t-shirts.

Pinterest marketing

Duration: 6 minutes

This platform has exploded just over the last 12-months and opportunities to get your line out are limitless.

Selling your t-shirt line with an army of affiliates

Duration: 14 minutes

Sell t-shirts yourself, or get an army of people who'll spend their money to send you buyers. Works very well!


Executing offline marketing campaigns

Duration: 9 minutes

While everyone abandons 'offline' advertising for 'online', the costs get cheaper. A great opportunity for you

Marketing in print publications

Duration: 12 minutes

Print advertisement and marketing is NOT dead. Get quality customers from this media when done right.

Creating and selling from print catalogs

Duration: 11 minutes

My favorite way for selling a bundle of t-shirts is explained in this training section. Do what most aren't doing.

Direct mail (SRDS)

Duration: 26 minutes

The tactics taught in this section are not your 'typical' direct mail sequence. I show you how to earn a fortune with this simple strategy.

Local and national events and tradeshows

Duration: 19 minutes

Tradeshows is a quick way to get your line in front of a group of targeted buyers. Learn how in this training.

Establishing an reseller program

Duration: 5 minutes

Establishing an official reseller program is another way to get others to promote and sell your tees.


Identifying a target

Duration: 11 minutes

Which stores do you want to get your tees into? There's a process for getting placed, watch the training

Creating line sheets

Duration: 11 minutes

If you want to get your tees into stores, a line-sheet and order form is your way in. Discover the process for working this process in your favor.

Establishing terms

Duration: 7 minutes

Will you do net 15, net 30, net 90? What terms will you set when you get your tees placed into a retail location? Get the pros and cons here.

Sending out sample packs

Duration: 4 minutes

Yes... You may have to send out sample kits to make retailers aware of your line, and here's how to do it.


Wholesale blank vendors

Content / Resources

Need wholesale caps, tees, hoodies, aprons, towels, jackets and more? Get access to our entire vendors list.

Stock transfer vendors

Content / Resources

We started selling tees with pre-made stock transfers and earned a small fortune. Discover the benefits of starting out this way.

T-shirt displays and racks

Content / Resources

Here are a variety of ways to display your t-shirts at different events or at retail locations.

Custom transfer vendors

Duration: 13 minutes

Need custom screen printed transfers made? Want secret tips to drive your costs down extremely low? Get it all in this training module.

Packaging & shipping supplies and suppliers

Duration: 26 minutes

Not much required to start shipping t-shirts. Get the low-down in this training section.

Heat presses & supplies

Duration: 18 minutes

Let me show you where to get great deals on heat press equipment and supplies.


Managing customer service

Duration: 9 minutes

Discover the process for managing customer service for your t-shirt business.

Using an answering service

Duration: 8 minutes

Big sales often comes by way of the telephone. An answering service is a great way not to miss essential calls

Managing returns & refunds

Duration: 4 minutes

Here's the #1 way to deal with refund request - don't do this and it could cost you a fortune in lost sales.

Hiring and using virtual assistants

Duration: 7 minutes

You can't do it all by yourself. You must learn how to delegate. I'll show you how to get affordable help.


Upselling to your existing customers for more profits

Content / Resources

Don't alienate your existing customers in an effort to get new ones. It's easier to get your existing customers to buy more often.

Meet Your Teacher ... Cartess 'BIG TEES' Ross

I sold my very first t-shirt nearly 20 years ago back in 1999. When I first started out, I had no idea what I was doing. It took me a few years to get it all figured out.

Even after I figured it out, it still took a few years to understand the basics to running a biz. During this phase, I got evicted taking BIG risks on the business, instead of paying the rent. I even had my car repossessed too.

You see, the struggle was real. I had no mentor. I didn't know anyone in business who could give me advice. I was all alone. It wasn't until years later that I started to meet other entrepreneurs who guided me and gave me advice. I've since went on to sell millions of dollars worth of t-shirts to people all over the world.

"And now ... Let me show you how to turn your t-shirt ideas into a legitimate business that pays you over and over again."

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Ask questions and get feedback in the members area from me and my team. We're here to help if you get stuck!


What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“Just wanted to say thank you for all of the information you have provided us through your videos for the t-shirt business. We have really enjoyed our membership and started our company in April. We of course still need to work on legalizing it, but we started anyways. We got our first 100 shirt order for the Motorcycle Run for Cancer Foundation. Thanks again for everything! This was exactly what we needed to help us get started.”

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
Raymond & Daisy


“Our friends who works for a nonprofit contacted us and asked if we could do some t-shirts for a fundraiser they were going to run. We gave them a discounted price and got the order. We will clear almost $500 on the $850 order. If this keeps up, I may actually have to pay taxes as a business this year. Your videos and handouts helped to get us over the hump with learning..

Raymond & Daisy Laubert 
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“First I want to say that you are wonderful, patient and a kind person to know when starting a t-shirt business because you definitely do not hold back sharing the 'how-to' of the business. When I hung up with you I was so elevated and confident. Just pondering over our telephone conversation, I went at it with the questions and you answered them ALL and didn't make me feel like you were rushing or trying to end the call. Can you say PRICELESS!

Ms. Nivea E. Oquendo

Is this Course Right for You?

TshirtRiches is not for everyone! If you're broke and in a desperate situation, this course is NOT for you. Starting a business will require money. If you're down to your last dollar and you're about to lose everything (your house, car, job) this is NOT for you and DO NOT JOIN. There's likely deeper issues at play and those will need to be addressed before jumping into this.

BUT... If you're an action taker and you're ready for change, and not just talk about it, this might be for you... 


  • Those who desire to have their own business
  • Those who have a burning design to succeed, grow and improve their lives
  • Those that are curious and open to new ideas
  • Those that take action and not just talk about it.


  • Those who don't like hard work
  • Those who quit at the first sign of trouble
  • Those who don't like to study, read and learn
  • Those who chase every new opportunity that comes along in hope of riches
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