FAQs About Starting a T-shirt Business with a Heat Press

I still get a bunch of questions about this t-shirt heat press machine… So in today’s video, I address questions like…

  1. will someone steal my t-shirt design idea

  2. can i make multi-colored designs

  3. should i take a local business course

  4. what software should i use to make t-shirt designs

  5. can i transfer designs on dark colored t-shirts/garments

  6. will the transfer leave an outline on the shirt (around the design)

  7. can i use an iron

  8. will i make a million dollars this year selling tees

  9. can i print from my own printer

  10. can i buy release paper from you

  11. do the t-shirt transfer designs peel or crack

  12. can i print on the front and back of the t-shirts

  13. and much more…

So once again, here’s another video about this heat transfer machine…

Custom Transfer Vendors List — Click Here

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Please help me…

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Travis Reply

Thanks for being so informative. I’m still a little hesitant as to if using a heat press will give me the results I’m looking for. My biggest concern is how the print will actually look on the t-shirt in regards to texture. Does this process make the ink look glossy on the shirt? I would won’t my ink to blend into the fabric of the shirt as much as possible. Is this something that can be done through this process? If so what are some suggestions, type of shirt i should use, transfer, heat, time, press? Thanks in advance for your help!

Cartess Ross Reply

We don’t print designs from our home printers… We submit our designs to actual screen printers who print onto the release paper — essentially, giving you transfers that use ‘actual screen printed inks’. See video here:

Cartess Ross Reply

Really can’t provide any advice on which one to use because I’ve never used them or recommend them. Perhaps some others can chime in on what they’re using in terms of home printers???

If the home printing method is the only affordable option to get started, I’d recommend you do so. It’s more important to get started than not too. You can always upgrade as you move forward and start making money.

Cartess Ross Reply

Hi Fran,

Welcome to the world of biz… As you’re finding out, it’s not all ‘peaches and cream’. But, to those who push through the challenge, success and opportunity usually awaits you on the other side.

Reply back with the big cities that are close to you… I can generally find these machines on Craigslist on a regular — let me have a look.

Correct… $30K is not unreasonable to make the first year, and I’m talking about ‘NET’. It’s a reasonable goal — if you fall short and only net $22K, I’m sure you’ll still be excited right?

Online, my average retail price for tees range anywhere from $9.95 – $14.95 (depending on the niche). When selling via catalogs offline, average hangs around $14.95 – $19.95 (depends on the niche).

Many of the vendors will require a sales tax ID — some will allow you to sign-up to see t-shirt pricing (try registering online versus calling on the phone to setup acct).

I don’t currently have access to used heat press machines — I come across them occasionally when I find a great deal online. If I come across one, I’ll definitely send you a shout.

Reply back with that main city close to you on Craigslist and let me see what I come up with.

Cartess Ross Reply

Thanks for the kind words… Much appreciated!

Both A and B are right answers…

Some people prefer to go tagless and ‘screen-print’ or heat transfer their own design/label onto the tee itself.

Other option would be to do as u suggest in (B). You can buy tees direct from wholesaler and many will sew your tags onto the tees before they ship them to you. You can have your labels made elsewhere and shipped to the wholesaler — TSC Apparel is one company that’ll do it for you: http://www.tscapparel.com

Cartess Ross Reply

I get this question often… Unfortunately, there aren’t many African themed transfers out there. The few that are out there are corny and cheesy.

This is a GREAT opportunity for someone to seize upon — if this is your passion, I’d encourage you to start a line of African themed transfers.

Many of the designs u see on the Christian t-shirt site are designs from Barber and Company and Airwaves, Inc. You can order direct.

Cartess Ross Reply

Hi, We do not print our designs from a printer. We actually have our designs screen printed on to the release paper by various transfer companies.
Unfortunately, since we do not print our own transfers onto printers. We are unable to recommend a transfer paper to you.
This process provides the same exact quality as if the design was being screen printed directly onto the shirt. Please click the link below. This video you are about to watch will answer a lot of questions you have.

If you are interested in using a transfer company to screen print your design onto the release paper; please click the link below to purchase the source list. The source list will include various transfer vendors from all over. These vendors also include pre-made transfers at wholesale cost. The list will also include various vendors to purchase wholesale t-shirts as well.

Cartess Ross Reply

Since we do not print our own designs; we are unable to recommend the type of paper to use.
We use several transfer vendors who screen prints our designs onto the release paper for higher quality.
If you would, please click the link to learn more about the process and why we do not print our own designs.

We do have a source list available you can purchase. The source list will also include various vendors to purchase blank t-shirts at wholesale cost.

Tanvir1979 Reply

Hi my name is tanvir and i live in uk, i m highly impress from ur idea , i m very much looking to start a small bussiness for my self in my house and this videos are fantastic for me and i m sure for any body who is looking for do something for them self in there lives, cheers. 

Cartess Ross Reply

Thank you for your kind words!

Cartess Ross Reply

It really depend on what we are doing. However,
We have a source list available for purchase. The source list includes various companies to purchase custom, and pre-made transfers. As well as blank t-shirts at wholesale cost.

The price for custom transfers will be determined by the amount of colors you have in your design. If you are on a tight budget then I would recommend no more than 2 colors in the design. The more colors in the design the more it will cost to have the designs screen printed onto the release paper.

If you would, please click the link below to purchase the source list.

Patty Chong Reply

hi, what would be the best program to start with, that has specific t-shirt design tools??
thank you and God Bleess

    Cartess Ross Reply

    Most designers work between photoshop, illustrator, and other adobe software programs they prefer. If you are not familiar with any of the programs. I would suggest hiring a graphic artist to create the design for you. This is what they do and most are quite “AWESOME” at what they do!
    These software are quite complicated, and are a huge learning curb to grasp. It has taken graphic designers years to do what they do in order to develop the type of work they are able to produce.
    I am not trying to discourage you from learning how to use these software but I must warn you; it is not something you can read a book and be creating graphics in photoshop over night. Having the knowledge on how to use these software are a skill within itself.
    Again, if you are not a graphic artist and not familiar with the process. It would be best to hire a graphic artist who can take your design ideas and turn it into a master piece.
    You could utilize the time you would spend on learning how to: redirect that time on getting your business started, or planning for a successful t-shirt business. I believe in utilizing time in putting my efforts towards things that will make an immediate difference.

Cartess Ross Reply

You could use your printer but it’s not something we recommend due to the poor quality. Using the printer to print the designs the designs begin to fade and peel after the first wash.

We do have a source list available to purchase. The source list will include vendors from the US, UK, and Canada who can supply you with custom printed transfers and blank tshirts.

If you would, please click the link below to purchase the source list.

Cartess Ross Reply

That I wouldn’t know (regarding Eco-friendly). I never printed onto bamboo tees, but I imagine it shouldn’t be a problem….

Wayne Neal Reply

Cartess : Can I resale transfer purchase from vendors . I know you can buy them ,but is it ok to resale them with
out there agreeing.

    Cartess Ross Reply

    You’ll need to contact the individual vendor. Some will allow you to purchase in bulk to resale as a distributor.

Rick Reply

Couple of questions for you sir. I am very interested in your month to month start up subscribition you offer wasn’t sure how long the course is. How many months of information should I be prepared to subscribe for?

Can you print custom designs onto socks? I don’t mean just basic put a number on a sock type of a look. I mean a custom authentic from the top to the bottom design. Is there a special heat press machine for this?

Besides this public wall that I’m using what’s the best way to get in contact with you about more information?

Thank you for your great videos. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Kimberly Ross Reply

    HI Rick,

    I apologize which program are you referring to? We have to programs our Core Tshirt Riches membership and the Protege 300. Both programs are pretty much go at your own pace. Once you’ve paid for either program you’ll have life time access.

    As long as the socks are 50-50 or 100% cotton you can print onto the shirts and no special heat press machine is required.

    You may continue to post onto our website, or contact us directly at tshirtriches@gmail.com

Kenny Reply

Thanks for the useful information. You covered a lot of doubts and questions about starting a T shirt business.

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