Just One of Your T-shirt Designs Could FREE You From Your JOB!

Over the next few minutes, I’m going to show you how to turn your t-shirt design ideas into a revenue generating model that could literally free you from your job within 12-months or less.

No more bosses … No more traffic jams … No more living paycheck-to-paycheck!

T-shirts quite literally saved my life and I’m going to show you how to experience freedom by turning your t-shirt design ideas into a business that can pay you for many years to come!

Let’s start with a realistic goal.

Would an extra $49,860 in income change your life?

Just 10 t-shirt sales per day could get you there. And once you get your t-shirts selling, they could quite literally pay you for many, many years.

Do you remember the famous I LOVE NY t-shirt with the big red heart?

It’s still a favorite by people all over the world — and did you know that design was created back in 1977?

With your own t-shirt business, you can create a t-shirt design one-time, and get paid for it over and over again…


This business can give you so much freedom.

For me, I get to see my kids off to school each day, and I’m home when they return.

My wife stays home and gets to work on her lifetime dream of building and growing her own photography business.

We travel at our leisure … Our kids get to see the world…

That’s what t-shirts have done for our family … and it can do this and a lot more for you and yours!

Imagine owning a business where

  • YOU create your own lifestyle
  • YOU set your own schedule
  • YOU decide which days to work
  • YOU enjoy financial freedom

Look at these hefty profits…

Unlike a franchise, you have NO ongoing royalty fees to pay……YOU keep 100% of what YOU make!

Many of our members pocket strong profit margins while cranking out t-shirts to happy customers. Look at this profit example and compare it to other business opportunities.

Few businesses allow you to recover your initial investment as quickly as TshirtRiches. Look at the breakdown in the chart below. Selling just 10 t-shirts per day (300 per month), can change your life!


You Sell 300 T-shirts @ $19.95/each



- - - - - -

300 T-shirts @ $1.60/each


300 Stock Transfers @ $1.50/each


Marketing: (lets say you spent $750 on advertising)


Miscellaneous (boxes, tape, labels, envelops, etc.)




YOUR GROSS PROFITS* ($5,985 in sales - $1,830 supplies)


*Gross profit estimates do not include any other operating costs, such as on-site utilities, rent or labor costs. The estimates here are illustration purposes only. Your actual results may vary. Contact one of our advisers for more information about starting a t-shirt business.

Looking at the example above, selling just 10 t-shirts per day for a month will earn you $5,985.00 in revenue.

That’s just 10 t-shirts per day at $19.95/each.

Minus your costs for the t-shirts, designs, advertising and other miscellaneous stuff, that leaves you with a profit of $4,155.00 per month ($49,860 per year).

We’re merely talking about selling just 10 t-shirts per day using this calculation!

If your goal is to earn $99,720.00 per year … you just need to sell 20 t-shirts per day. That's barely short of a 6-figure income.

40 t-shirts per day nets you $199,440.00 each year.

You can easily launch your own t-shirt business from home like I did back in 1999.

Let me show you how…

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