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Interview: Using High Heat Inks to Print Quality T-shirt Transfer at Home

Tim's Daughter

Tim’s Daughter

Tim Braun spent about 50 minutes with me discussing the process he uses to print his own transfers from home…

Unlike the typical transfers purchased from the store and the cheap inks that come with inkjet printers, Tim’s method of printing transfers with high heat pigment inks allows him to print quality t-shirts on-demand.

He currently has several of his t-shirts in 2 nationally known retail chains with more stores waiting to see how well those 2 stores perform with his tees…

So if you’re just getting started in the t-shirt business and you’re looking for the cheapest way to get started… This is it.

Listen in on this amazing interview!

***IMPORTANT — The audio has a lot of static and I’ll warn you now that it’ll be annoying hearing all of the popping sounds. There are periods where you won’t hear the popping sounds at all so bear through it… I assure you that the interview will have the information you need to get going. The recording application I used was a new one and I didn’t realize the quality would be affected because of the Internet based telephone service I use at home. I’ll try and get this transcribed in the coming week or two.

[interview is no longer available]

During the interview, Tim talked about the various types of  products you can upsell to others who purchase your t-shirts by adding the ‘sublimation’ process to your business… Take a look at the extra profits he’s earning below:

These are ceramic Christmas ornaments (I forgot to mention these) that I’m making for the city. I made 300 numbered, two sides.  I get $5/ea and I make 6 at a time.  They cost $1.23 ea.The second photoshows all 300 finished on one side.  The third one shows a snowflake type I’m doing for someother businesses.  This was all done with a heat press, the special inks/paper and nothing else.

These are custom made clocks.  It’s done on a coated-hardboard, also with a heat press.  Very simple.

The left are signs we make.  The middle is a sample of magnets andthe right are coasters.  All w/ heat press

The left is a mouse pad and the right are school pennants. Both with heat press.

So You Want to Design and Sell T-shirts!!

Tim has put together an eBook that lists his sources and suppliers… He also supplies a contact name of an individual whose very knowledgeable about almost every type of printer on the market and this person can best recommend what printer to get or what inks to use with the type of inkjet printer you already have.

In addition, Tim also covers these topics as well…

  • What type of paper to get along with his source
  • He also explains why you should always get the 11×17 sized sheets
  • What you must do before printing your first transfer
  • And what to do AFTER your transfers come out of the printer
  • Tim also explains why you should have a Teflon sheet and Teflon  pillow
  • He also includes his supplier for blank t-shirts and how to get free shipping
  • Tim provides a few FREE marketing tips that’ll help get you into local stores
  • He also touches on sublimation printing and why you should add this to your business TODAY

All of Tim’s ‘Get-Started-Now’ info is packed inside of 16-pages of no-fluff content… No fillers, no fluff… Just 16 solid pages of key information to get you started right away…

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