The piss-poor quality inkjet and laser t-shirt transfers being sold at local stores like Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby or Michael’s will surely make you look like an amateur; and if you’re lucky enough, maybe they won’t ask for a refund when you hand them the shirts, but I can almost guarantee they’ll never place another order with you again…

Why? Because the transfers being sold by local retailers absolutely SUCK!

In my opinion, screen printed transfers trump any other type of at-home t-shirt transfer process. BUT… not everyone can afford high quality screen printed transfers. So the only other option is to ensure you buy a heat transfer that’ll give you a decent chance at getting your t-shirt business started…

If you’re not familiar with screen printed transfers, check out the FREE video on this page… I tell you what they are and I show you  how they work.

If you must buy inkjet or laser transfer papers, watch the videos below

I’ve found some decent transfer paper that you can use from your home printer and start your t-shirt business on the low-low. See firsthand how the transfer papers holds up after multiple washes.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

These transfers actually hold up pretty well…


***PLEASE NOTE*** We know longer sell any type of transfer paper at all.