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In this business, you don't have to know how to draw... If you got wicked ideas for t-shirts, then there's a million graphic designers that'll create your design ideas for the low-low.

I personally don't know how to draw, nor do I know how to use graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

But I got folks who'll take my ideas and create them for me for as little as $25, $35 and $50 bucks a piece.

The designs below were created for me by an amazing graphic designer...

Tee Designs

He also took the following collage of my hand sketched 'Life Savior' t-shirt idea, and a pic of a lifesaver graphic I found online, and he made an amazing shirt (see it below):

Ain't that design amazing? 

It's mine and I own it outright ... It's intellectual rights like these that I can now print onto shirts and sell over and over and over again to make money for decades to come.

I can even license these designs to others to sell on my behalf and I make money while they're responsible for printing and selling the shirts.

Today, I wanna show you exactly how to get your t-shirt design ideas created for pennies on the dollar. I wanna show you the  ONLY top 2 resources I use to get my designs created professionally by the top graphic designers in the world. As I've mentioned, our members have been getting their ideas created for as little as $25 bucks!

Once you get access to this resource, you can use them to create and design all of your t-shirt design ideas, company logos, business cards, cap designs, and they can even custom build your t-shirt website store for pennies on the dollar.

It's insane how this works ...

Because you've just subscribed, and you're now on my TshirtRiches subscribers lists, I've put together a special offer where you can get access to this private training for just a measly $17 BUCKS!

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If you miss out, you'll only be able to get access to this training inside of my $495 training course. Do yourself a favor and don't back out of this page before signing up for this incredible deal.

If you wanna make it in this business, your designs must be amazing! Your artwork must be flawless. This $17 training provides you with all the details you need to get your first design created within the next 24-hours!

When you get your t-shirt design ideas created by these amazing graphic designers, you must tell them what format you want the final artwork in.

If you're getting your designs put on to screen printed transfers, or if you're getting them screen printed locally, the artwork must be sent to you in a very specific format.

I will tell you EXACTLY what to do to ensure your graphic designer sends you the correct format EVERY TIME ... You MUST get this right.

It's all covered in this private training.

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