Get Your 1st T-shirt Design Idea Created Today!

It's time to pull those t-shirt ideas out of your head, and get them onto to paper so they can be created by a graphic designer.

In the examples below, my 13-year old daughter sketched out her first t-shirt design onto a piece of paper and e-mailed it to a graphic designer who put the following artwork together for practically nothing. 

It took less than a day to get this draft back from the designer and she was extremely HAPPY!!! (see below)

Skate Til You Die
Skateboard T-shirt

She also put the following artwork together as well (she's into skateboards). I show you these because it's one thing to have an idea, it's another thing to get it onto paper and then made into reality.

At least if you get your designs drawn out on paper, and then get it created, it starts to make your ideas and vision more real. One you bring your design ideas into the physical word, the game starts to change.

Keeping your t-shirt design ideas locked up in your head does you no good. You gotta see them. It'll inspire you to move forward and take action.

At least you'll have something to put on social media to see what others think about your idea. 

At least if you ask to borrow money, you have something real and concrete to show... People will take you more seriously. It's hard to ask people for an investment when all of your ideas are locked up in your head.

Who's gonna take you seriously if you don't even have the doggone designs? 

There are millions of graphic designers all over the world waiting to create your unique t-shirt design ideas, and they’ll do it for pennies on the dollar. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on high-end graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

You won’t have to spend months trying to figure out how to use the software either.

I've put together a simple training module that shows you an ‘easy to follow’ method of getting hundreds of graphic designers to compete against each other to create your masterpiece design.

(play the video to get an idea of what I'll be covering in this training)

You’ll be able to get your t-shirt ideas created by skillful graphic design artists, who are masters of graphic arts and design… Their years of experience will have your brand looking like a million bucks… See the final artwork created below…

Here’s what I will teach you in this training…

  • How to ensure you own the rights to the designs you get created. In the graphic design field, it’s standard practice for the designer to own the copyrights to the artwork they create. Which is why it’s important you establish who owns the artwork BEFORE you start working with a graphic designer. I will provide you with a template you can modify and tweak, so you can give to graphic designers to fill-out before you hire them.
  • Where and how to choose the right graphic designer to work on your project. Choose the wrong one and you could be throwing away money. I’ll show you what to look for before committing your hard-earned money to a ‘wanna-be’ designer. Follow my workflow and you’ll get amazing designs created.
  • How to best communicate your design ideas. A lot of people mess this part up. In order to get the best possible design created, you must know how to communicate your ideas. Too often, people slip up here and give up on ever seeing their vision fulfilled.
  • How to get hundreds of designers to create your design idea for you to review, so you can choose your favorite design. I like this method because I can see which graphic designer created the best version of my idea — then I can send revisions before deciding which design concept I want.
  • For those of you wanting to create your own designs, I’ll let you know which software you can use and will point you to some tutorials that’ll show you how to use the various graphics design software.

I’ll teach you everything I know to ensure you get the best possible design created, for the best possible price. The designs you’re having created are extremely valuable assets because the designs themselves ARE literally your business.

If your designs suck, or look amateurish, you won’t get the sales and revenue you need to build a sustainable and growing business. Don’t skimp out on this part — you MUST get this right.

I'll GIVE You this Training as a FREE Bonus When You Purchase My Discounted T-shirt Course Below:

TshirtRiches is an online video based training program that shows you step-by-step, how to turn your t-shirt design ideas into a real-life business, how to market it more effectively, and how to turn your t-shirt brand into a 24/7 money-making machine...

What Will You Learn in TshirtRiches CORE?

We have multiple core learning modules, plus a dynamic library of Master Classes and Advanced Trainings. Take a look at our exact curriculum below so you can make sure our course is right for you!

Get Access to These Training Modules:

Many start-ups often work other jobs or have other family responsibilities and don't have much time on their hand. 

In this training, we help you set and plan goals and teach you how to be productive so you can see steady progress as you build your t-shirt company.

We also discuss the pros and cons in regards to working with family members.

I believe you got what it takes. Join us!

This is where a bunch of newbies mess up.

There's a particular structure that must be followed with coming up with your own 't-shirt collection'.

We decide proper design and explain what makes a design good or bad. You don't want to just throw a bunch of random t-shirts together without some type of theme connecting them.

In addition to that, we breakdown the process on how to hire a graphic designer, along with some guidelines to ensure you don't get taken advantage of.

Need models to wear your t-shirts? We show you how to find them and share the proper agreements you need them to sign to give you exclusive rights to use the photos with them in it.

If you fail to plan, then plan to fail ...

This is the boring stuff no one wants to do. But you'll quickly discover that most successful t-shirt businesses did the necessary grunt work in order to get the advantage.

We spend a bit of time hear researching the market to help you find  an 'advantage' that can help your business take off.

Much of this starts by researching your competitors and we have some unique ways for you to sneak on the 'inside' to get all the juicy details on how they're running their business.

Yes ... 'Real life corporate espionage' ... There's a legal loophole that keeps you out of jail, lol :) 

Getting a business license, along with the appropriate permits, based on the way you plan to sell your shirts, is a cinch. It's all covered here.

To setup a bank account with your company name (instead of yours), there's some additional paperwork you must do (like getting a Federal Tax ID number (also known as TIN or EIN).

We cover all of this in the training - it's pretty easy. Some folks have said they can't get a bank account because of credit or a bad file in ChexSystems (you can generally get a business banking account in the biz name regardless -- we show you how).

Also, you'll need State sales tax i.d. # in order to purchase wholesale from vendors. We got you covered!

For most of you, the bulk of your t-shirt sales and business will come from the Internet.

It easily cost $5,000 - $10,000 to get an e-commerce website made 15-20 years ago when I started.

You won't pay anywhere near that amount now.

Over the years, technology has changed so much that practically anyone can get their business on the Internet and start taking payments within hours of launching their t-shirt business website.

We discuss the best practices for setting up an e-commerce website that sell, as well as choosing a proper dot-com name that doesn't confuse people trying to find you on the Internet.

The simple techniques discussed in this training section makes all the difference in how well your t-shirts sell, and how much you earn.

Let's sell some t-shirts :)

Lots of options have come along to promote your business than when I first started.

Affiliate marketing was one of the methods we used  to get off to a fast start, and it's still one of my favorites.

This is a method of marketing where you get other related websites to put your graphics and t-shirts on their website and pay them a commission when someone purchases.

We had an army of 'affiliates' promoting our t-shirt company.

This gets discussed in this training along with other online marketing strategies for getting your t-shirt collection in front of the right people.

Marketing is my favorite topic and I'll have lots to share with you in this section.

Marketing gets the word out about your t-shirt brand.

Let's tell the world!

Most people only think about 'online marketing' and totally ignore the offline marketing opportunities available to them.

There's direct mail marketing, postcards, marketing in printed newsletters, radio advertising, trade shows and more.

We get into all of this and show you some amazing stuff you can do with offline marketing, particularly direct mail.

I'll share how we created a reseller program to get other 'offline' people to sell our shirts door to door as a business opportunity.

You won't be disappointed with the methods discussed in this training module.

Lots to discuss here!

Ever heard of the phrase 'line-sheet'?

Well ... This is the thing you need if you plan to get your t-shirts into stores. 

I'll show you my 'line sheet' and you're free to build yours around mine.

These are what you give to retailers (stores) in order for them to purchase your line of t-shirts.

We'll cover a lot of the details about getting your shirts into stores in this training session.

Much of the stuff you'll deal with is customer service related issues. Some folks have very unrealistic expectations and you're gonna need to spell 'EVERYTHING' out so you don't get taken advantage of.

Yes, most of this is basic stuff, but I wished someone shared these tips with me ... They would have saved me a lot of headaches. 

So I'm gonna share these tips with you in this section.

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Had no idea what I was doing and you gave me the blueprint!

Everything I learned was from your videos and training. I had no idea what I was doing and you gave me the blueprint!

I created my own clothing line Fly Zone Apparel Co. and I really appreciate you and your videos. You gave me hope, excitement, and inspiration, and I am forever grateful! God Bless...



See step-by-step how I got the following SCARFACE t-shirt design made from scratch (I'm including this in the bonus area when you join and become a member today).


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One final thing ...


  • Support in Members Only Area
  • 60+ Tutorials & Lessons
  • Worksheets & Template

One Payment Option
$495 $157


  • Support in Members Only Area
  • 60+ Tutorials & Lessons
  • Worksheets & Template

2-Time Payment Option
$495 $99 x 2

(pre-pay & save: $43.00) 


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