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T-shirts Literally Changed My Life!

I've said this many times before... The t-shirt business has been good to me and my family. When I first got out of the Air Force, I had very little money and very little to work with. My mom and I partnered up to start a t-shirt business together and it started to grow rather quickly. 

I later went on to start my own brand and things really started to take off. Because of this business, I was able to do things I'd never thought possible. Owning my own business gave me freedom. It allowed me to stay home and watch my kids grow. It allowed us to travel and expose the kids to different things.

I don't think I could ever go back and work for someone else... The freedom is REAL. I'm not going to lie to you and say that everything was easy... It wasn't. I had to work my butt off. I had to stay up late. I had to make tough decisions to move the business forward. Some of those decisions were great... While other decisions were poor decisions -- some of those decisions got us evicted and thrown out of the apartment AND house we were living in.

But overall -- I found my way... I had to learn by trial and error. I had to make the mistakes on my own. I had to throw away perfectly good money in order to learn how NOT to do that again. There was no one I could turn too. There was no course to teach me how to build a t-shirt business. I had to figure it out all by myself.

And you know what... It was all worth it. I'd certainly do it again -- but smarter the next time around.

Changing your life with t-shirts can work for you too... You just gotta make the decision to start. Will you make mistakes? Yes you will and there's nothing that will keep you from making mistakes and boneheaded moves. It all comes with the territory when you decide to get into any kind of business.

But when those mistakes come, it makes you wiser. You get smarter. You learn more from the mistakes than you do by just sitting around wondering if this thing will work.

Some of the ideas you come up with won't sell... So what!!!

That doesn't mean you quit. Nope. You create another design. And another. And another.

You don't give up. No one who got started in this business got it right from day one. Don't let fear scare you.

I see so many people working a job they hate because they're too scared to take a chance on themselves. There too scared of failure.

If you take the leap and don't give up, you can be successful. But you gotta take the leap. Stop sitting by the sidelines hoping the business will work out for you. It won't. You gotta make it happen.

The whole world is available to sell your t-shirts too... We have customers in places I can't pronounce. One t-shirt idea is all you need to get started... You don't need 40 different ideas. Start with just one and see where it goes.

Your new year starts NOW. If you're not happy with your current circumstances -- then do something about it. Make just one darn shirt and lets see where it takes you... You just gotta make one and put it out there. You'll see that it's not soo difficult and scary. It's actually quite fun.

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