"How I Used Screen Printed Transfers to Sell Over $3 Million Worth of T-shirts All Over the World"

Have you fallen in love with the idea of starting a tshirt business that pays you over and over again for t-shirt design ideas you come up with?

Have you struggled to find the perfect solution for creating screen print quality t-shirts without breaking the bank?

Are you ready for a solution that allows you to quickly start your own t-shirt business from home, without the need for expensive screen printing equipment and supplies in excess of $20,000.00?

A Little Dirty Secret for Making Screen Print Quality T-shirts Without Going Broke Buying Expensive Screen Printing Equipment

The secret is: you don't have to spend $20K - $30K for screen printing equipment to make screen print quality t-shirts.

There's actually a way where you can actually get screen printers to put your designs onto a release paper (plastisol transfers), that can be transferred onto shirts anytime you'd like (I'll explain how this work in a moment).

When I got started in the t-shirt business nearly 20-years ago, I wanted to make the best quality shirts. And by far, screen printing was the only method for making good quality shirts.

The problem was, the equipment to do screen printing easily cost upwards of $20 thousand dollars (and that's on the low-end) ... Like most, I didn't have 20-large sitting in the bank; and my credit sucked too... Banks weren't loaning me any money, lol.

The other issue with screen printing is that it requires large amounts of commercial space to house all of the equipment, inks, inventory, and supplies.

(Anyone with ideas for a t-shirt could easily start their own t-shirt business) 

How to Make Screen Print Quality T-shirts for Pennies on the Dollar and Sell Like Krazy

Do you got what it takes to start a t shirt business? You’d be surprised how most will fail in this tshirt startup venture. See how you can beat the odds and win big. 

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