Ready to Learn How to Make Killer T-shirts That Sell Like Krazy From Home?

In the primer below, I'll include a few videos and a breakdown of everything you'll need to get started, along with different options for selling t-shirts online to customers all over the world.

First ... I use a heat press machine because it's cheaper, convenient, and there's not much to learn. You simply press a design onto a t-shirt and that's it... You can learn to do this in as little as 30-minutes of receiving your heat press machine.

If you're on this page, you've likely already seen the heat press machine in action, and I'll talk more about it in a moment.

Most of the questions I get revolve around the heat transfer paper itself. People want to know how to get the design onto the paper, how much it costs, and whether you can print them yourself.

I answer all of those questions in the following video... It's only 5-minutes long and you'll know everything you need to know about these 'plastisol heat transfers'. Tap the play button below:

How much do custom plastisol heat transfers cost and where can you get them?

They're much cheaper now than they were 20 years ago when I got started. Nowadays, you can get them for as little as .15 cents each. They're based primarily on the number of colors in the design, and the quantity you purchase.

Just like traditional screen printing, the more colors in your design, the more it costs.

Here are a couple of links to places that sell them and you can see their pricing structure on the website.

There are a bunch of other companies out there that make custom screen printed transfers; you just have to choose which one is best for your brand. Each company has their own style, and you may like one more than the other. 

If you're considering one company over the other, be sure to ask if they have samples you can order.

Getting Your Designs Made and Onto Transfers

In order to get your designs put onto transfers, you must get your t-shirt design ideas digitally made. Each transfer company will require your designs/artwork to be sent to them in a specific graphic design format so they can get your artwork onto the transfer paper.

In the example below, my daughter came up with a design idea for a skateboard t-shirt. She sketched it out on paper so she could better communicate what she wanted the graphic designer to create.

After she sketched it, we hired a graphic designer to create it. You could do it yourself if you're already familiar with graphic design software like Adobe's Photoshop or Illustrator.

If you don't already know how to use this software, I don't recommend you go learning how to do it.

The learning curve is steep and you could spend months trying to learn it and still never produce a quality design. Leave that to the pros who eat, sleep and drink graphic design. They can literally turn your ideas into a work of art. 

The following design is what the graphic designer made from my daughter's sketch above:

As you can see from the quality of the design, sometimes it only makes sense to get someone who is skillful at graphic design to turn your ideas into a masterpiece.

And when the graphic artist creates your design, you can then send those digital files to the transfer company to be placed onto screen printed plastisol transfers.

Here are a few other designs I hired graphic designers to create for me:


Your designs are an important part of your business. If the quality or concept isn't great, your stuff won't sell.

Your designs are essentially your business. So don't skimp on this part.

Get it done right so you have a chance at winning and making money; even if it costs you more money to get quality designs, pay the extra money for skilled designers. Like I said earlier, your designs will make or break your business.

I want to repeat this ... Once you get your designs made by a graphic designer, you can then send that artwork to the transfer companies to get your plastisol transfers made.

If you don't have this artwork in a digital format, the transfer companies can't make your transfers.

The transfer companies can't do anything with your sketches or ideas ... You must hire a graphic designer to create your design ideas (or do it yourself).

In our training, I teach you how to get this done for the low-low.

But for now, you can run contests on websites like FREELANCER to get your t-shirt design ideas created.

A contest works like this ...

You write up a brief outlining how you want your design to be made. And let's say you post a $100 contest award to the person who creates the best design.

Then, your design brief is sent to all of the graphic designers in FREELANCER.

If they want to participate in the contest after reading your brief,  they simply participate by attempting to create what you wrote in your design brief.

And because it's a contest, hundreds of graphic designers may try to create it in hopes that you choose their design. When the contest is over, u look at all of the designs that were submitted and choose the one u like best (it's not unusual to receive hundreds of submissions to your contest).

Whoever u choose wins the $100, and you get all the exclusive rights and ownership to the design they created for you.

You can use FREELANCER to create t-shirt designs, company logos, designs for coffee mugs, or whatever. 

It's my #1 go to source for getting my artwork and designs created.

Click this FREELANCER link now and they're giving you a $20 credit towards your first design.

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Where to Get a Heat Press Machine

I personally recommend you buy a used heat press machine... It's not necessary to buy new machines. There's plenty of used ones sitting around collecting dust.

You can find used quality heat press machines on Craigslist.

Oftentimes, people buy these machines and never take them out of the box. When searching Craigslist for a heat press, make sure to look at neighboring cities and States. It may be worth the 2-3 hour drive to go pick up a $1,000 heat press for $300 bucks!

Stay away from the cheap brands and buy name brands like:

  • Hotronix
  • GeoKnight
  • MightyPress
  • Hix

If buying used, these are the only brands I'd purchase. There's a lot of cheap stuff out there that easily breaks and you don't want that.

Stay away from the 3-in-1 or the 5-in-1 type heat machines. They're ALL junk! 

The Hotronix brand is my favorite press. We're authorized dealers for Hotronix, and if you decide to order a new one, please consider purchasing from me. All dealers are required to sell the machines at the same price, so I'd appreciate it if you'd buy from me.

My favorite press is the Fusion. Watch the heat press tutorial below to see it in action:

Be sure to check websites like eBay and Amazon for heat presses as well. You can spot a deal on those sites from time to time. Remember, stick to the main name brands. And don't be tempted to buy those cheap machines - you'll be disappointed.

Selling Your T-shirts Online

Alrighty ... to make money, you must have something to sell. You'd be surprised at how many people have these t-shirt design ideas in their head, but they're scared to get them made and they're even more scared to put them online for others to buy them.

Most are scared because they feel people will steal their ideas.

So here's the deal ... Yes, it's a possibility someone will knock-off your ideas. It's all part of being in this industry. But it's not the end of the world. And it don't happen as often as you think. 

Don't let this stop you. 

One thing is certain ... If you don't get your t-shirts out there, NO ONE WILL BUY THEM. That's a fact.

Get in the game. Make yourself some money, and if someone takes your idea, then you can afford to sue them.

I've been at this for 20+ years and it's not been a problem. Don't let these fears and negative thoughts stop you!

So ... In order to sell your t-shirts online, you're going to need an e-commerce website.

When I got started 20 years ago, it was costing $15,000 - $25,000 to get websites made.

Not anymore ... You all got some serious options now, and most of those options can have your business on the world wide web in as little as a few hours.

How amazing is that!!!!

With e-commerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce, you can't go wrong. 

My favorite is Shopify due to ease of use and the many options available to you. You don't need a bunch of experience to setup a store and you could be online in a few hours.

As of this writing, you can sign-up for Shopify's FREE 2-week trial by clicking here! This will give you a chance to try out their setup to see how it works for you.

I personally like building my stuff from scratch and having total control over how the website is laid out and setup. Therefore, I build my own stuff.

For me, it's the little details that make a difference in how much extra money you can earn from your web store.

If you have some web design skills and are familiar with working around in WordPress, check out WooCommerce's store plugin. It has some amazing features and options and might save you money when building your own.

Here's a few websites I've recently built for a couple of clients using WooCommerce and Wordpress (they made their own t-shirt designs ... I simply setup the store)

I built the following one for myself to test out this Print On-Demand stuff. Print on Demand requires you to have no equipment, no inventory and no supplies.

These on-demand companies will link up to your website and anytime someone places an order on your site, they will print and package the shirts and ship them to your customers with your name on the packaging.

You charge your customers directly from your own website (and you get paid immediately). You handle your own customer service but you don't have to handle any of the order fulfillment.

Anyhow, here's my website for the print-on-demand service (as of this writing, it's not completed, I'm still working on it).


If you need help with any of this stuff, my team can help you get going... I know this can be overwhelming to most, but know we're here to help.

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How to Get Paying Customers

So here's the part where most get it wrong. You can have the best designs on the planet, but if no one knows you exist, you won't sell a thing.

This is why you must advertise and market your new t-shirt business.

Posting only on social media sites like Instagram or Facebook ain't a strategy for success. You need to be doing a whole lot more than that. 

This must be ran like a business. And successful businesses and brands advertise.

If companies like Ralph Lauren or Target or Walmart have to spend hundreds of millions of dollars advertising every year, who are you to think you can get away with not doing it?

These are well-known brands and they still gotta do it.

There are a lot of ways to get your new brand out into the marketplace so people can find you.

And I'm going to save this topic for another e-mail, but know that you must market and promote your business in order to be successful. There's just no way around it!

In Closing...

I know there are a lot of moving parts to this business venture. I'd love to help you get it figured and sorted out so you can build a wildly successful business.

These are some of the things we can do for you:

  • We can help you design your online store and t-shirts. We have a starting package where we'll create your first 10 t-shirt designs for $2,500 (and that includes an e-commerce website store completely enabled to accept credit card payments from your customers in real-time). Contact me for details
  • Access our Online Training Course: I've put together a detailed t-shirt course that takes you from A-to-Z in building a t-shirt brand from scratch. You learn everything I know to building a successful t-shirt company. This course usually sells for $379 but it's been discounted significantly for a limited time. Click here for details.
  • Telephone Consultation: Scared? Stuck? Confused? Get on the phone with me and lets discuss your business. I offer 1-hour telephone consultations for those who need help or advice on moving forward. Click for details.

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Had no idea what I was doing and you gave me the blueprint!

Everything I learned was from your videos and training. I had no idea what I was doing and you gave me the blueprint!

I created my own clothing line Fly Zone Apparel Co. and I really appreciate you and your videos. You gave me hope, excitement, and inspiration, and I am forever grateful! God Bless...


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