10 Tees Per Day to Freedom

Before I jump ahead into the good stuff … Let me run this past you.

What could $4,155.00 in profit each month do for you and/or your family? Could it pay off some bills? Would it give you some breathing room and free up some of the stress?

Could you quit your job and focus on growing the business more? Could those monies be used to help you achieve some of those life goals and dreams you’ve had all your life?

By selling just 10 t-shirts per day … you could finally escape into paradise!

I want you to dream bigger … Dream like Rob and Nadine, you could pack up and move your family to beautiful Costa Rica…

While on the CNN website, I came across a couple living the good life near the beaches of Costa Rica for way less than $2,720.00.

CNN Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a mix of comfortable to luxury lodging — with an authentic and fascinating culture. And for way less than $2,700 per month, you could

  • Rent a beautiful home or condo
  • Have a housekeeper come by each week to tidy up the place
  • Buy groceries and keep the fridge stocked full of fresh meats, veggies and fruits
  • Enjoy lunch and dinner at local restaurants a few times each month
  • Attend movies and participate in local activities and events
  • Pay for all your utilities (cable, power, phone, etc.)
  • Frequent the beaches as often as you'd like
  • And still have plenty of monies left over for savings

For most people, their view of how attainable the ‘good life’ is — is way out of whack.

If for you, swinging on hammocks, with the ocean and sandy-white beaches as your backdrop … then perhaps a place like Costa Rica will suit you just fine.

This page is not about convincing you to move to Costa Rica (unless you want to)…

I simply want you to see what’s possible for not much money … and how your t-shirt business can get you there!

Your ‘Costa Rica’ may be the mountains of Mount Hood, Oregon … or Marbella, Spain … for us, it was Amelia Island Florida (although Costa Rica, Spain and Holland is starting to look pretty good right now).

We just got back from living in Medellin, Colombia (in South America) for 6-months. A family of four could easily live a super quality life on $1,500 per month. Our maid, who came by 6 days per week, from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., cost us less than $400 PER month.

She cooked, cleaned, ironed our clothes, did our laundry, watched the kids and everything ...​

Many of you are killing yourselves working in 9-5 jobs you absolutely hate! Why? Because you think this is what you need to do in order to survive!

In the next few pages, I’m going to show you how I sell tens of thousands of t-shirts each year … This simple system can allow you to live almost anywhere in the world (that has an Internet connection).

If it’s Costa Rica, then you simply need to sell just 10 t-shirts per day … If it's Medellin, Colombia, you could get by with selling just 5 t-shirts per day!

Let me show you how to win BIG.

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