Alrighty ... I’m going to wrap this up now … And then I'm gonna give you the opportunity of a lifetime to join my little tribe. But more about that on the next page.

Let’s take a look at the basic structure that’ll allow you to be successful with your tshirt business!

    1. You gotta choose a niche (or sub-group of people who share something in common)
    2. Create your designs for a specific niche (or find wholesale t-shirt designs that someone else has already created and sell those.
    3. Get your shirts made and put them in front of the people most likely to buy

Truth be told … that’s pretty much it.

The foundation outlined above is fairly simple… Choose a niche … create t-shirts for that niche … and put your t-shirts in front of that niche so they can see them and eventually purchase.

I hope you found this information helpful … at this point, most marketers push very hard to sell you their course.

Not what I do. Not a great way to build a long term relationship with someone like you.

My goal here was to ‘reframe’ your reality about how you can go about building a t-shirt business for the longterm. I wanted to give you some perspective.

Thus the reason I wrote out this content for you … Half the battle is understanding what needs to be done and why.

I’d encourage you to read and then re-read these pages some more and let everything sink in.

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