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Can You Make Simple T-shirts Like These!

Funny T-shirts can earn you a small fortune … that’s why I like the t-shirt business niche. People are coming up with funny, weird and controversial ideas everyday of the week… Check out these over-the-top and simple tees below from 6DollarTees… There’s nothing complex about these t shirts; they’re simple one and two color designs that are extremely cheap to make:

Mexican COKE

These type of funny shirts are selling like hotcakes because they’re outrageous and ‘simple’? I don’t care what wacky idea you have, some poor soul will buy your stuff — I PROMISE!!!

The thing that makes this pop off is the crazy guy with the hat and beard — he actually looks like he really loves Mexican Coke (and keep in mind that he could very well be talking about coca-cola the drink … And please know, I don’t support or encourage drug use, but I wanted to show you how far and over the top you can go with YOUR t-shirt business … There is nothing off the table.

I like one color and two color designs because they’re cheap to print and I like words and fancy fonts because they look super nice and impressive when done correctly … Like the ‘Cooler’ shirt in the pic above.

So … What’s stopping you from getting started with your own t-shirt business?

There’s a simple formula for writing your own ticket with t-shirts and I wanna show you how to do well so you can support yourself, and/or your family with this model.

For a limited time only, you can get access to our discounted training program and get access to our training modules and my support team to help you navigate through starting and building your t-shirt line.

Payment options are available when you join today, and will go away soon. Get all the details below by clicking on the link below and check out the bonuses I’m throwing in too:

CORE TRAINING: Launch Your Own T-shirt Brand — Click Here
(discount and payment plan goes away soon)

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Marketing Your T-shirts – How to Sell Your Tshirt Designs

Marketing Your T-shirts – How to Sell Your Tshirt Designs

What’s the use in making your own t-shirts if no one buys them! You see, making t-shirts is the easy part… Getting them sold, well, that’s an entirely different story.

In the video below, I will cover why you MUST understand marketing if you expect to succeed in the t-shirt business. Find out why selling your tees could be the most challenging and

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Can You Really Sell and Make Money with the T-shirt Design Ideas Floating Around in Your Head?


Hundreds of people have passed through this website this year alone and have literally started making money with t-shirt designs that didn’t exist prior to them making them! The only difference between YOU and them is the simple little fact that they took action.

What good is your t-shirt idea if you never get it out on the market for people to see? With the Internet and some other inexpensive offline marketing stuff, you too can get your creation onto the masses that buy t-shirts every year.

Billions of t-shirts worldwide will be sold this year… Millions of the t-shirt designs that will count towards that ‘billion number’ for next year doesn’t even exist yet. Thus making the opportunity for you to get out there and put your design up for the masses!

Check out this e-mail I just received from John today…

Hi Cartess,

This is John. I wanted to show you one of the t-shirts that I created (sorry people, I can’t show you his design). I took the movie, ### $$ ### $$$$ and just changed it around. Like I said told you before. My focus is Fraternities and Sororities and I use movie themes or popular phrases and turn them into t-shirts. So far, I sold 400 of these t-shirts by way of my website and facebook.

When you get a chance please checkout my facebook page at: I got something else big going on in regards to Fraternities and Sororities that I will share with you later. It’s big.

Cartess I would not have been able to do this without your vision to create the t-shirt riches program.  Thanks John

I have hundreds of these types of letters and e-mails… But that’s not what I’m here to talk about right now. Notice, John literally created a design out of thin air. His t-shirt design didn’t exist the day before and yet, he managed to sell over 400 of his t-shirt designs.

If 400 people purchased his fraternity/sorority design, guess what… Four-thousand people will purchase it as well. I e-mailed John a congratulatory e-mail, along with some tips that could help him turn that 400 into 4,000. And since he’s selling and making his t-shirt designs around a certain niche, it’s easy for him to get his designs in front of those people.

There are a bunch of fraternity and sorority websites online that he could joint venture with in an effort to sell more of his t-shirts… There are lists with names and addresses of people who belong to a specific fraternity/sorority that he could send catalogs too. There are groups and fanpages where these people hang out at, thus the opportunity for him to market too.

There’s so much he can do to easily get that number to 4,000…. Then up to 10,000 and so on!

Now I’ll be upfront with you. I imagine this didn’t happen for John overnight. He had to work at it. And truth be told, you likely won’t put in the time required to be successful at launching your own t-shirt business.

Starting a T-shirt Business Might Not Be for You

You might prefer to go out to the movies with your friends on Friday night, versus staying at home to get your newly created t-shirt design ideas out to market.

You may wish to sleep in on Saturday morning because you spent the week busting your butt for “The Man”… In fact, “The Man” that you work for could possibly be in trouble himself — and depending on him to provide you a check next week is absolutely foolish. “The Man” himself is trying to survive and keep a roof over his head. Afterall, he did go into business to get rich. And if he needs to cut down on expenses to cover his bills, you could be out of a job!

But… if you insist on busting your butt for 40 hours each week, then consider putting maybe 4 hours each week into your own t-shirt business. Start building a future for yourself and your family.

The t-shirt business is a fun and rewarding one. This is the only business where you’re only limited by your own creativity.

If you’ve been having these weird ideas for a t-shirt design, then make them! Don’t wait… Don’t delay. Get started with your vision.

A few words from people who purchased our “starting a t-shirt business course”

I’m not even totally setup and I already have two orders from people finding out what I’m about to do meaning I haven’t even advertised yet. Both will be recurring sales, one is 20 shirts & caps a month and the second one is the potential huge account, not for the 120 tees, fleeces, and polos they want on this first order, but because these people are tied to all local public schools and some major universities like Bama.

They were actually urging me to make sure I’m serious about doing this as there will be massive orders in the future for anything from student athletics to group events, 1,000’s of shirts. We’ll see, but in the meanwhile I’m starting to question if I need to sell my own designed tshirts or just focus wholly on custom order tshirts from organizations and events. What do you think?

Robert Payton

I think your course and what you are doing in showing people how to stand on their own two feet, or to try again after a set back or a series of defeats you show people how to fight again and also to trust again t shirt riches/Cartess Ross shows that not everybody is a con in life and some people do care .

Thanks for being true to your word, the business, and things that you are doing.

All the best,
from Ken

Hey man, I’m on my way! Got a lot of hard work ahead of me, but, who cares…this Business is my dream. Thanks for sharing.


I really have enjoyed your book from the moment I made my purchase. Very informative! Since then, I have purchased my machine, and have obtained my business license..You are an inspiration!


Alright… you get the point! Plus, I’m tired of copying and pasting 🙂

But seriously. If not now, then when? When will you finally take the action necessary to put your creation onto a t-shirt? People are waiting to buy what you have. You don’t have to know how to draw, my course will show you how to get some of the best designers in the world to do it for you for nearly free.

Start T-shirt Training Class

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