Many of you wanted to see what a custom transfer looked like and many of you also wanted to see what a t-shirt looks and feels like when made with a plastisol transfer. So, based on the feedback, I put together this inexpensive little package that I ship out once a week.

Get a Sample T-shirt

It’ll include a t-shirt with a heat transfer already printed on it — this way, you can see the quality that you’ll be able to duplicate with your designs as well. When you get it, I also encourage you to wash this t-shirt a hundred times until you’re satisfied the design isn’t going anywhere… You’ll tear the t-shirt up before the design will come off 🙂

In addition to a printed t-shirt, I’ll also pull out “one” random ‘heat transfer’ design and will include it in your package so you can see what an actual ‘heat transfer’ looks like. This transfer is what the various companies can make for you with your own design.

You’ll also receive access to a list of screen print (plastisol) transfer vendors as well. You can send your artwork to these vendors and they’ll put your designs onto the screen printed transfers. One of the vendors in our list has quick-turnaround times and their transfers are less than .30 cents each (with no minimum order required). They do charge a $20 setup fee, but that’s it. These are for one-color designs and his 2-colors are very cheap as well.

Get all of this for just…


(Plus $5.95 U.S. Shipping & Handling & $15.95 International)