How to Start a Tshirt Business & Get Paid From Your T-shirt Design Ideas

Our next training reveals the top 3-ways to get your t-shirts printed (see why #2 is the best option).

Can't draw? Discover how to get top graphic designers to create your t-shirt design ideas for cheap.

And uncover how to keep other graphic designers from stealing and taking ownership of your artwork.

next webinar starts in 3-minutes


Sketch your ideas on paper like this:

How to Start a Tshirt Business

And designers make this:

Tshirt Design Ideas


You really can turn your tshirt design ideas into a real business and make money when you sell tshirts online. 

Signup and I'll teach you how to start a tshirt business at home, with little to no money, using a tshirt press and plastisol transfers.

My free tshirt business masterclass will show you how to get your tshirt design ideas created by top graphic designers for pennies on the dollar. 

The tshirt heat press machine is my preferred method for making tshirts. I recommend you buy a used tshirt press to keep costs low, and I'll show you where to find them.

It's cost effective and much cheaper than buying $10,000 screen printing equipment.


Had no idea what I was doing and you gave me the blueprint!

Everything I learned was from your videos and training. I had no idea what I was doing and you gave me the blueprint!

I created my own clothing line Fly Zone Apparel Co. and I really appreciate you and your videos. You gave me hope, excitement, and inspiration, and I am forever grateful! God Bless...


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