Got Ideas for T-shirts? Get 'em Out of Your Head and Put Them On Shirts with Your Own T-shirt Business!

Get started at home on a shoestring budget?

Turn Your T-shirt Ideas into a Business Where People Buy Your T-shirts and Wear Your Brand!

The t-shirt business is a very fun business where you get to be creative and come up with all sorts of stuff. You don't have to know how to draw and you can start part-time in a spare bedroom, garage, or even your kitchen table like I did. 

I started a Christian t-shirt business from home with a t-shirt heat press machine and screen printed transfers. Take a look at the simple designs I've posted below:

Can You Come Up With Simple T-shirt Ideas Like These?

Take it to the Streets


We sold our t-shirts directly online from our website. We had customers buying from all over the world. It was the most amazing thing to see happening with our own home based business. This is literally something you can start at home on a part-time basis.


This t-shirt, American by Birth ... Christian by the Grace of God was a top-seller in it's day. This one shirt alone brought in way over $300K. All you need is one good idea, and it could quite literally fund your lifestyle. Create t-shirts once and sell them over and over again ... It's like collecting a royalty from a book deal for life. But this is way funner, lol.

Got Jesus


Like I said earlier, in this business, you get to have fun... This 'got jesus?' t-shirt came from the infamous 'got milk' campaign that ran all over TV, radio, and magazines to encourage the consumption of milk. This shirt did VERY well. If you're clever and can spin what's happening in the media, and merge it with t-shirts, you have the formula for a very popular selling shirt. We did it a few times with some controversial angles that help put us on the map.

Get all the juicy details on how to start your own t-shirt business in the lucrative world of t-shirts. 

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I get this question all the time: "I don't have a lot of money, what's the cheapest way I can get started ... Can I do CafePress?"

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