4 Must-Read Topics If You’re Thinking About Creating Your Own Line of T-shirts 

By  Cartess Ross


Part of my job as a t-shirt entrepreneur is to stay current on what’s happening in my industry. Much of that involves a lot of reading and researching. While researching on various topics for building up my own t-shirt business, I’ve came across a few blog posts written by others that I think would be helpful for most of you getting started in the t-shirt business.


Some of the blog posts are a long read, but I think you’ll find value in how you can apply this in your own t-shirt company.


These guys from United Pixel Workers will reveal how you can sell and ship 1,000 t-shirts per month. It’s a very in-depth case study on what they did to get their tshirt business moving along. Check out their blog post titled, So You Want to Make a Whole Bunch of T-shirts


If you want people to take you seriously about your t-shirt brand, you’re going to need to eventually get quality photographs with models. Harald took the time to layout a great blog posts showing you how to get the most out of your photos for your clothing brand in his blog post titled, Clothing Photography Tips: Shooting Your Model

3. PODCAST: My Wife Quit Her Job

In this podcost, a young lady by the name of Andreea breaksdown how she generated over 6-figures in t-shirt sales by leveraging publicity… Too learn how to apply these strategies to your t-shirt brand, go listen to the podcast titled, How to Create a 6-Figure T-shirt Business and Get Featured in 200 Magazines.


The Life is Good t-shirt brand is worth well over $100 million. It’s truly a rags-to-riches story of how two entrepreneurs struggled their way towards creating a huge t-shirt brand. Dan Schawbel of Forbes, posted an interview on the Forbes website where these guys share their story: How They Built The Life is Good Brand.

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