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Where to Get a Name Brand Heat Press for Cheap!

If you’re a little tight on cash and need to find a great bargain on a heat press, check out the video below.

I show you how and where to find quality used heat press machines from people in your area who literally have these machines sitting in their garage or basements collecting dust.

As I’ve indicated in prior posts, you don’t have to go out and purchase new heat press machines. Use those savings to buy the other stuff you’ll need to get going.

Check out the video below:

Here’s a listing of some of the keyword phrases and heat press manufacturers you should search for in Craigslist.com:

  • hotronix
  • heat press
  • heat press machine
  • mighty press
  • mightypress
  • geoknight
  • geo knight
  • stahls
  • hix

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Plastisol Transfers: The Best Alternative to Screen Printing and it’s Cheap!

Screen Printing T-shirts

Screen Printing … You have most likely heard this term before, or the related term “silk screening”. It refers to the technique invented by the Chinese thousands of years ago. Even though this process has been used for centuries, it still remains the gold standard in transferring images onto garments, both in terms of quality and durability.

Screen printing is a very complex process using a lot of cumbersome equipment and supplies, but it basically describes the process of applying ink onto objects using screens. The process has proven to deliver clean, crisp designs that will hold up to repeated wear and washes.

The set-up is the same if you order one shirt or one hundred shirts, which is why there are price breaks when you place a larger order. Because most people do not have the capital or time to utilize screen printing equipment, a popular alternative is having designs screen printed onto special release paper, known as plastisol transfers (or screen printed transfers).

The ABC’s of Screen Printed and/or Plastisol Transfers

This method still requires some equipment, but it has immense advantages over direct screen printing. Of course, there are also some disadvantages which we will discuss as well. However, the Screen Print Transfers is a viable alternative to direct screen printing and is helping thousands of people start their own business with efficiency, flexibility and lower startup costs.

Screen printed heat transfers are not new to the garment decorating industry. The process has been used for years because it is simple, clean and repeatable for anyone who owns a heat press.

What makes Screen Printed Transfers different is how they are created. It takes all of the benefits of screen printing and combines that with the efficiency and flexibility of heat transfers. Screen printed transfers are made using a special ink and uses the same process as direct screen printing. The special ink used is called Plastisol, which is a mixture of pigment (color) and PVC plastic. Rather than screen printing directly onto a garment, the plastisol is layered in reverse onto a special heat release paper to create the desired image.

(Watch the first 2-minutes of video below to see plastisol transfers in action:)

There are also different types of plastisol transfers that will create different finishes. There are two main types, Cold Peel and Hot Split, and each one relates to how and when the transfer backing paper is removed.

With hot split transfers, the transfer is removed immediately off the garment once the heat source is removed (once the heat press opens). This method transfers the majority of the ink to the garment while leaving some ink on the paper as the ink is still hot and fluid. This method creates a lasting bond and results in a soft, brushed matte finish.

In contrast, Cold Peel transfers require the transfer paper to be removed from the garment after it has time to cool following pressing. Cold Peel transfers result in a glossy finish.

Other transfer types include Hot Peel, Puff and Process Color transfers.

Because these plastisol transfers are created using screen printing techniques, they must be ordered from a manufacturer or vendor with the proper equipment and experience to complete them. However, using a screen printed transfer requires little equipment and experience.

Essentially the only start up equipment that you need is a heat press, along with blank garments and transfers. Getting a quality heat press machine from the start will make this process both profitable and efficient for you. You might be tempted to get a cheap heat press, but I’d advise you against that.

We hear from people every week that go the cheap route. They usually call back saying their heat press doesn’t heat evenly, or that it stopped working. It’ll cost you more in the long run … Don’t do it. Cheap heat presses will cost you more money in ruined shirts and wasted transfers.

With regards to the heat press, you need a combination of evenly placed heat AND pressure to fuse the plastisol inks onto the surface of your blank apparel. You will want to keep these key elements in mind when selecting a heat press. Each machine will have a different method of setting the temperature, time and pressure, so select a machine that is user friendly and easily calibrated. As you can see, a heat press is very simple to use and transfers leave all of the messy work to the screen printers!

The advantages to using plastisol transfers are endless! Not only do transfers go onto most fabrics, but they can also be put onto any color of garment. The process utilizes the same ink as used in direct screen printing, it creates the same results as direct screen printing in terms of image and quality, yet it offers much more flexibility than direct screen printing.

Designers are not limited to one or two colors or by the size or finish of a garment (such as baseball caps). Designers can offer complex, even photographic designs, that results in graphics that are indistinguishable from traditional direct screen printing. It is even a preferred method for decorating baseball caps because of the complications involved in printing on a curved surface.

Another great point in their flexibility is that instead of having 20 XXL shirts with a design already preprinted that you won’t be able to sell, transfers give you the ability to keep your transfers in inventory, and heat press the designs onto the appropriate shirts as they are ordered.

This is also true when it comes to t-shirts with team numbers or years on them. Transfers allow you to keep these individual numbers or letters on hand, and then configure them properly once a custom order is placed.

Starting a T-shirt Business Without Breaking the Bank

In addition, the garment and order flexibility, screen printed transfers offer a low startup cost. Since the only equipment needed are blank garments, transfers and a heat press, you can literally get started right away with your very own tshirt business.

Transfers are of course less messy since the process doesn’t involve cumbersome screen printing equipment and inks. This lack of unnecessary equipment, and knowledge of how to use said equipment, allows you to focus on your business and designing artwork for your garments, even right out of your home living room.

Of course, there are always disadvantages. The first disadvantage is your biggest expense, the heat press. While these machine can run upwards of $2,000.00, there are less expensive alternatives, such as buying a used heat press machine, or finding a reputable brand on sites like Amazon or Ebay.

In addition to price, heat press machines are heavy and they do heat up to very high temperatures. While it doesn’t happen often, burns can happen and it is extremely important to exercise caution when using a heat press machine, and to be aware of your surroundings at all time.

To summarize, screen printed transfers are changing the t-shirt industry by offering affordability, customization, flexibility, less equipment, and better efficiency for your business; all while still producing quality designs that are indistinguishable from traditional screen printing techniques.

By using the same techniques that screen printers have used for thousands of years, screen printers are able to print the design onto special release paper to be used at a later time on various garments. This means clothing businesses aren’t left with two-hundred designs in various sizes and colors that don’t sell as much. Instead, you can put the design onto any size tee as it is ordered.

Plastisol transfers leaves all of the cumbersome equipment and disposal of inks to the screen printers so you can focus on creating your art work and running your t-shirt business. Plastisol screen printed transfers are a huge benefit to the t-shirt industry by offering a high quality product that will keep customers coming back for more.


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What is the best inkjet printer for making t shirt transfers?

I’ve been heat pressing t-shirts for over 15 years now and have literally sold hundreds of thousands of t-shirts to people all over the world. And in my professional opinion, I believe heat transfers printed from a home inkjet printer are sub-standard.

The quality isn’t great, and the artwork tends to peel, crack and immediately fade after it’s first cycle through the washer and dryer.

Selling this type of quality to your end-customer is suicide. It’ll destroy the reputation of your business before you even get the chance to launch a successful business.

I highly recommend against this method of printing.

However… For those of you who insist on doing it your way, here are a few options that’ll get you better results than the typical heat transfer paper purchased from local hobby supply stores like Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Wal-Mart, or JoAnn’s.

The quality produced from those cheap heat transfers is total crap. You will be disappointed with what you press onto the shirt — especially the Avery brands. I honestly don’t know how they can get away with selling these.

If you’re going to do it yourself, go with high heat pigment inks. This method will require specific types of inkjet printers and special inks.

Here’s a package I purchased from one of the leading pigment ink suppliers

High Heat Pigment Inks

What you see in the picture above are replacement cartridges at the top… These cartridges will replace the cartridges that come with your inkjet printer.

You’ll use the syringes to pull the ink out of the bottles and inject them into those cartridges. These cartridges will replace the inkjet cartridges, thus providing you with high heat pigment inks that will now print onto the transfer paper, and then you’ll press onto a t-shirt.

If you insist on making your own transfers at home, this process will give you a much better quality print versus the typical ink that comes out of your inkjet printer.

Regarding the ‘Best Inkjet Printer’? Epson so far has been a top recommended seller.

However, they’re starting to lock-up the chips within their printer that prevents you from swapping out the cartridges. The other manufacturers have not done it yet, but it’s reasonable to think they will start doing it based on how the results pan out for Epson.

If you’re interested in learning more about high heat pigment inks, check out the following websites… I recommend you give them a call and get firsthand information on which inkjet printer to go with. Technology is constantly updating and changing.

*Please Note: I do NOT recommend this process because the quality is not there. I have NO recommendations on which printers to use. If you wish to know that, contact these companies below and ask them. I cannot help you with this because this is NOT my area of expertise. I still get a bunch of questions about which printer or paper to use. Ask these 2 companies below (I will ignore those questions moving forward). 

Regarding the best type of paper … Do a search for Red Grid Transfer Paper.

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Do You Have What it Takes to Start a T-shirt Business?

Truth be told, many of us don’t have the guts to get out there and make things happen… Some would rather make excuses and blame their current circumstances on why they can’t get ahead.

A friend of mine started a business 5 years ago. She has thousands of dollars tied up in software and equipment. Problem is that she’s not making any money.

However, there are others with far less equipment and much less money and they’re making a pretty decent living — they’re at least able to afford to pay for their own business expenses and training.

This one is always borrowing money from the family budget saying…. “If I can just get this one thing, the business will take off…”

Yea right… I heard this one too!

I asked my friend the following questions — (I’ve paraphrased her answers below).

  1. Do you have any business cards?
    (she answered yes and indicated she purchased 500 of them). I asked her how many did she have left… (she still had most of the 500 she originally ordered). She purchased those cards almost 8-9 months ago — What the heck are those cards going to do for you sitting in a box??? She should probably be ordering a new box of 500 every 1-2 months at a minimum. There’s no way you should have almost 500 biz cards in your possession 8-9 months later. Just the act of giving out 500 should get you a few calls.
  2. Do you have a website?
    (she answered yes — but nobody visits the site). What the heck — do you think they’re going to magically show up on their own??? People spend thousands of dollars weekly/monthly marketing and advertising their website. Folks just don’t magically show up to their website — heck, you didn’t just magically show up to mine…Even I had to put some work, time, effort and money to get you to this website. Granted, I realize people don’t have lots of money to throw around and it is a process. But what’s keeping you from getting a 2nd job if necessary to launch your dream business. Others have done it and it may be required of you as well.

    So many people come to our country without speaking a lick of English…My aunt is Korean (married to my Uncle) and her brothers and sisters have made millions of dollars in the multiple businesses they’ve started. They didn’t speak English well, but they moved into a house together, worked 2 and 3 jobs, pooled their money together and opened up a restaurant… Which they later got into pagers and cell phones and the rest is history. They made a decision — something many of us won’t do, but the opportunity is the same if we’re willing to do the work.

    Watch this video below — Mia Love is awesome!

    We each have the ability to make decisions… And we get to either reap the benefits of those decisions, or suffer the consequences.I’ve made some great decisions in the past and I’ve been able to benefit from those great decisions. I’ve also made some poor decisions. And I’ve suffered the consequences. Each of us have to make decisions at some point.

    Even the act of choosing to do nothing is a decision — and you gotta deal with the consequences, good or bad.The decisions you’ve made so far have gotten you to where you’re at… If you want to change course, you gotta be willing to make the decision to do so. Each of us can wake up tomorrow morning and change our whole future with a thought and a action.

    I extended an invitation to one of my relatives to come stay with me. My promise was that I’d help him find a job and get him into college. As long as he was in college, he didn’t have to pay me any rent. He made the decision NOT to come. He later ended up on drugs. He’s suffering the consequences of HIS decision.I never said the decision you HAVE to make would be an easy one… It may require something drastic. Nonetheless, the decision is yours.

    Another lady I know has 5 kids, a full-time job and is launching her own marketing biz. She works during the day, gets home and cook, help the kids with their homework and get them ready for the next morning.She works on her business from 10 p.m. – 3:30 a.m. Monday thru Friday. Gets about 2-3 hours of sleep, get the kids up and off to school and starts all over again. She’ll have to make some sacrifices for a few years, but her decision to do so will allow her to reap the benefits later. It was not going to happen on it’s own.

    In the beginning, my own wife made excuses about why her photography business wasn’t getting off the ground… At the end of the day, when she really evaluated why things weren’t happening, it was because she was too darn lazy and didn’t put in the time, effort and energy required to get it going. It was only after she really put time into growing her business that it actually worked.

  3. Are you doing any advertising or marketing?Of course, the answer was no. Many businesses fail because they don’t market or advertise. Their excuse is often that they don’t have the money to advertise (and that was her excuse — considering she’s home 7 days a week and not working, getting a part time job ain’t asking to much — if u really believe in your biz).NFL athletes don’t make to the NFL by thinking about it… They train. They workout. They spend LOTS of money working with different coaches. And so on… The same effort and energy should be focused on growing your biz. If you’re launching a new surfing clothing line, no one is going to know you exist unless you’re willing to get out their and let them know and that will require you to spend money on marketing and advertising. It’s a necessary evil!
  4. Have you attended local business networking meetings (NOPE)
  5. Have you been to trade shows (NOPE)
  6. Have you sponsored any type of local events (NOPE)
  7. Have you passed out any flyers (500 of them over the course of a year) Are you kidding me right now…. A year!!!
  8. Have you tried to partner with local businesses that have your customers (NOPE)
  9. Do you have any signs/wraps on your car (NOPE)
  10. Have you placed signs in your area/city (NOPE)
  11. Have you done any direct mailings? (NOPE)

Ironically... Over the various conversations we’ve had over the months, she’s told me she’s watch several seasons of Mob Wives, Real Housewives of Atlanta, Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries and the Secret Circle. She happily bragged about how she watched 2 entire seasons over the course of a few days…

Are you kidding me right now (that’s’ a phrase I picked up from a friend of mine when I was in the Air Force)…How do you sit down and watch all those shows and complain that your business isn’t growing? If she worked a job for the same amount of hours she spent watching all those shows, I’d imagine she’d have enough money to do some advertising. She’d have enough money to attend trade shows or sponsor local events.

I personally think it was irresponsible of her to take money from her family’s budget, and to just throw it away on thousands of dollars worth of equipment and to do nothing but make excuses as to why it hasn’t worked out.

At the end of the day, she has nothing but EXCUSES.

Somewhere, someone did more with far less than she had…

In my next post, I have an amazing story to tell you about sacrifice… This woman sold her jewelry and worked extra shifts to make make things happen… I didn’t say it was going to be easy… Nothing in life really is!

 Do you have what it takes to Start and Build a Successful T-shirt Business?

People are doing it everyday. Using a t-shirt heat press machine and custom transfers is the easiest and most affordable way to get started. As you grow, you can expand into other types of printing methods if you choose too…

But if start-up capital is an issue, this by far will be the most cost effective way to get going…

I’ve put together a course that’ll walk you through the process of starting and building a successful t-shirt business.

Make Money With T-shirts

Register for Our T-Shirt Business Startup Course
Payment Plans Available – Click Here to Join

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Pressing T-shirts for 15 Minutes for a $200 Profit!

While pressing 40 t-shirts on camera for a church that did our t-shirt fundraiser, I show you some tips to ensure you’re heat pressing your t-shirts and transfers the proper way, and I talk about some other relevant things to starting a business with a t-shirt heat press machine.

Please Note: Excuse the heavy breathing in the video below — I later went to the doctor that evening and they said I had a bad case of ‘acute bronchitis’. The kids brought home a nasty cold that just didn’t want to go away…


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FAQs About Starting a T-shirt Business with a Heat Press

I still get a bunch of questions about this t-shirt heat press machine… So in today’s video, I address questions like…

  1. will someone steal my t-shirt design idea

  2. can i make multi-colored designs

  3. should i take a local business course

  4. what software should i use to make t-shirt designs

  5. can i transfer designs on dark colored t-shirts/garments

  6. will the transfer leave an outline on the shirt (around the design)

  7. can i use an iron

  8. will i make a million dollars this year selling tees

  9. can i print from my own printer

  10. can i buy release paper from you

  11. do the t-shirt transfer designs peel or crack

  12. can i print on the front and back of the t-shirts

  13. and much more…

So once again, here’s another video about this heat transfer machine…

Custom Transfer Vendors List — Click Here

For a detailed course and how to guide to starting a successful t-shirt business, check out my course by clicking here

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