“Get Access to the Quickest and Easiest Way to Jumpstart Your T-shirt Business and Build an Empire Around the T-shirt Design Ideas Twirling Around in Your Head…”

If you’re ready to finally start building a massive t-shirt brand with your unique ideas, and build a company that supports you and your family, then you’ve come to the right place!

Our quick-start workbook breaks down everything you need to get started in the business right away … I have a ton of resources, suppliers and wholesalers you’ll need access to in order to get started.

I teach you how to get the best deals when it comes to getting your t-shirt design ideas created, and I show you a cheap way to get t-shirts printed on your behalf … even if you don’t have a heat press.

You can learn through trial and error, or you can simply invest a very little amount of money and learn from someone else who has already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars making all of the same mistakes you’ll make if you go it alone.

Experience is the most costliest and most time-consuming way to learn … speed up your success by learning from my mistakes.

Here’s what you’ll receive when I mail your Quick-Start Workbook and Vendors/Suppliers

  • How to get your ‘Sales Tax Id’ – you’ll need this number in order to purchase wholesale supplies like blank t-shirts and transfers from these wholesalers … many won’t open an account for you without it.
  • How and where to Get the Best Deal on Screen Printed Transfers – I breakdown how to get your custom transfers made for the cheapest amount possible … Not implementing these techniques could easily cost you a fortune per transfer design printed up. In addition, I show you where to find screen printed transfer vendors.
  • Print Your Own Transfers – while I don’t recommend this, I’ll provide you with a source to get the best possible transfer paper to print your own, along with a couple of high heat pigment ink suppliers who’ll recommend which printers and inks to buy.
  • Wholesalers for blank apparel – get a directory of companies that’ll wholesale you things blank t-shirts, bags, caps, golf shirts, aprons, hoodies, etc…
  • Stock transfer vendors – I got initially got started this way … I purchased pre-made designs (called stock transfers). We specialized in the religious/Christian apparel market and I was able to choose from hundreds of pre-made religious designs. I printed them onto t-shirts and made my own catalogs and put the shirts on my website and have literally sold hundreds of thousands of these t-shirts all over the world … You can quickly get started by going this route too … It was years later before I started coming up with my own designs.

I cover a lot of other stuff within this quick-start workbook … If you’re ready to get started in the biz, I’d encourage you to sign-up for it right now.

I also share a few other secrets that could make this a profitable venture for you…

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