From: Cartess Ross, Founder and CEO of TshirtRiches

Have you ever stopped to think how awesome it would be to have an automatic income for the rest of your life — an income that comes in whether you work or not? An income of $300…$600…$1,200 a week or more, to do as you please?

…Believe it or not, we have members who are generating this type of ‘residual-like’ income each and every week from their t-shirt sales…


In this business, you create your own t-shirt design idea once, and you get paid for it over and over again each time it sells. The more designs you have, the more money you make.

The t-shirt business has provided me with a great life. I enjoy staying home, avoiding the rat race, and getting paid good money to sit at home coming up with new t-shirt ideas.

Now for the Good News…

I want to show you how to bring in BIG revenues from your t-shirt business.

I’ve put together an exclusive club for highly qualified, highly motivated, and highly determined people who want to build a profitable t-shirt business.

Each month, in the mail, I will send you my printed newsletter… Chock-full of resources, one-on-one interviews, how-to’s, checklists, wholesale vendors, secret links to secure pages on my website to access training videos, tutorials, webinars exclusive for members only, step-by-step tips, tricks and marketing strategies, cheat sheets, standard operating procedures and more…

In short, my monthly newsletter will cover all aspects of starting, launching and building a strong and profitable t-shirt business from your home…

Membership has it’s benefits

As an ‘Elite Member’, you’ll also get access to a private e-mail where you can send in your questions and get answers–there’s no limit to the number of questions you can ask — it’s like having a consultant on standby!

In the first newsletter that goes out today, you’ll get access to our vendors list of blank t-shirt wholesalers and transfer vendors too…

With the t-shirt wholesalers list, you’ll be able to locate and purchase the following items at wholesale:

  • blank t-shirts (short and long sleeves)
  • hoodies
  • sweatshirts
  • sweatpants
  • backpacks
  • towels
  • aprons
  • ball caps and hats
  • and more

You’ll also get access to a listing of transfer vendors who’ll take your finished designs and put them onto screen printed transfers…

Some of these vendors will send you samples, as well as their wholesale price-list.

Also, included in the first newsletter, is a section showing you how to get your sales tax id… Before you can purchase from many of these vendors, you’re going to need a state sales tax identification number from your local state government.

In your first issue, you’ll receive a breakdown of each state’s revenue department so you can contact them and get your sales tax id number.

It’s an easy process and I’ll show you how to get it (this is not the same as a Federal Tax ID or EIN).

Your Secret to Rapid Growth (And Getting Unstuck)

As a member, you’ll be sent a new newsletter each month, chock full of actionable information for just $27 per month, plus $3 shipping & handling.

You’re free to cancel anytime, but why would you — I’m going to show you how to build a profitable business.

It is my hope that you love what I’m sending, and you choose to stay onboard.

If you do, that’s AWESOME!

If not, that’s ok, too…

Just cancel before your 30 days are up and you won’t be charged again. Just keep the newsletter I sent you, along with the FREE bonus…I’m sure the resources in the first newsletter are plenty to get you up and running.

But if you do love what you’re getting, and I think you will, you’ll automatically be renewed at our charter member rate of just $27, plus $3 shipping and handling each month (within the United States–International shipping rates will apply).


In addition to mailing you this first newsletter, I’ll also include a sample t-shirt that has been pressed with a screen printed transfer so you can see the quality tees you can offer to your customers…

The designs from these screen printed transfers will not peel, fade, crack or smear… Once you get the shirt, I want you to wash it a few dozen times to see how well they hold up.

I’ll also include an actual screen printed transfer in the package as well — feel free to use this as you please…


I did an interview with a trademark and copyright attorney… This guy is packed with tons of information — and in this interview, he shares a bunch of tips, tricks and strategies you can use right away in building your new or existing t-shirt brand.

As part of your ‘Elite Membership’, I’ll give you access to that interview…

Sign-up for my TshirtRiches monthly newsletter at the charter rate of $27/month, plus $3.00 shipping & handling today and get locked in — I will be taking the price up…


Add to Cart – Just $27/mo + $3 Shipping & Handling within U.S.
(International Shipping Rates Will Apply) Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by TshirtRiches

Questions or issues registering? Email us at:



Add to Cart – Just $27/mo + $3 Shipping & Handling within U.S.
(International Shipping Rates Will Apply) Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by TshirtRiches

Questions or issues registering? Email us at: