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Use This Technology to Make Screen Print Quality T-shirts in Less Than 10 Seconds

[TRAINING WEBINAR] Got ideas for t-shirts? Don't know where to start? Watch this free on-demand training to get deeper insights to starting, building, and growing a t-shirt business. Topics Covered:

  • Starting without going broke
  • How to legally setup your tee biz
  • How to get your designs made
  • How to sell your t-shirts
  • 3 methods to get shirts printed
  • Solutions for winning big

Heat Press Machine 101: Which One to Get and How to Find a Deal

See these machines in action to determine which tshirt heat press is best for you


  • What is a heat press
  • What to look for when choosing
  • Buying a new press versus used
  • Where to buy a heat press
  • Demos of heat presses in action
  • Heat press recommendations

Everything You Need to Know About Screen Printed Transfers (Plastisol)

Learn the ins-and-outs to using and buying screen printed transfers (plastisol)


  • What are plastisol transfers
  • Understanding the different types
  • What types of fabrics to use on
  • Custom vs. stock transfers
  • How to get the best price
  • Finding transfer vendors

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