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How to Get Your First T-shirt Design Idea Created Within a Few Hours

The other day, I posted a video on YouTube showing step-by-step, how to get your first t-shirt design idea created in just a few hours.

In that video, I took a sketch my daughter drew on paper, wrote up a brief outlining what she wanted, and I submitted it to DesignCrowd (a platform where thousands of graphic designers compete with each other to create your design … You put up some prize money and the design you choose goes to the designer).

If you haven’t seen the original video I posted, watch it below:

(play video above0

Here’s the sketch my daughter drew:

As of this writing, the contest from DesignCrowd yielded over 53 designs from designers all over the world. I’ve included some of the designs for your review below:

The following design is what my daughter selected as the winner:

Here are a few more pictures that were submitted by other designers:

So what do you think … Do you think you can submit your first design today? No procrastination. No excuses.

Get at least one of your ideas out of your head and make a go of this thing already. DesignCrowd is giving you $100 towards your design project. Give it a try and see what happens.

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