The Gecko GK-101 is our best-selling heat transfer machine to date. Its standard manual operation provides professional results at our lowest competitive price. The GK-101 attracts conventional users looking for simplicity and ease of use. This model machine can be used for small or large production orders. Its industrial strength and durability allows for long-term use; making it a great investment with exceptional value amongst its competitors.

The GK-101 has a built-in Teflon coated 15×15 heat platen with a full range of heating coils to allow for consistency throughout its surface. It is capable of applying all types of heat transfer materials onto garments of up to 5/8. The digital timer control is adjustable up to 999 seconds. The timer device automatically sounds once the set time is reached and resets itself when the handle is lifted. The GK-101 also features a digital temperature gauge ranging from 0 – 575F. The manual open and close handle is conveniently operable with the featured spring assist and adjustable pressure knob at the rear of the machine. All Gecko heat transfer machines are CE certified and come with a limited warranty and parts replacement coverage.


  • Durable steel frame construction built for high performance and long-term use
  • Highly graded Teflon coated heat platen; provides    even pressure and prevents materials from    scorching/burn marks
  • Easy to operate double bar support open/close    handle with spring assist
  • Full range rear-adjustable pressure knob
  • Digital temperature and time control
  • Heat resistant silicone pad capable of enduring high temperature
  • Capable of applying all types of traditional transfer    materials (standard, plastisol, sublimation, inkjet,    laser or color copier transfers)
  • This machine is most commonly used to apply    heat transfers onto t-shirts (and other basic    clothing items/garments), hemp, mouse pads, tote bags, placemats, coasters, ceramic tiles, etc


  • 15”x15” Teflon coated heat platen
  • Temperature Range: 0 – 575ºF
  • Timer Range: 0 – 999 seconds
  • Power: 1800W
  • Voltage: 110V (standard US and Canada)
  • Machine weight: 59 lbs

Total Investment: $275 (Includes Shipping & Handling)

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