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Hotronix Auto Open Clam Heat Press

The Hotronix® Auto Open Clam heat presses are lightweight and portable. The magnetic-assisted lock-down, auto-opening feature and digital controls offer unparalleled benefits at an excellent price. Three versatile sizes are offered; 16″ x 16″, and 16″ x 20″.

Play Video Below to See The Auto Open Clam Heat Press in Action

Auto Open Clam Heat Press Features:

Wide opening for easy layout
Auto sleep mode
Patented Magnetic Assist Lock Down
Patented Magnetic Auto Open
Digital controls for temperature and time with auto release
Patented over the center pressure adjustment
Twin Timer™ for programming two independent time settings
3/16″ (0.5cm) HRPO laser quality steel framework for seamless technology
Auto reset timer and LED readout
Digital time, temperature and pressure readout
Space-saving clamshell design
Built in pressure sensor
Floatational heat platen

Hotronix® Universal Quality Features:

Made in the USA
Automatic timer
Quick change lower platen
Cast-in tubular heating element every 2″ (5cm), eliminating cold spots
3/4″ (2cm) thick, coated upper platen
3/8″ (1cm) Silicone rubber bottom pad
Push button controls
Heavy duty design
Scratch-resistant, baken-on powder coat finish
Coated heater – stress relieved to prevent warping
Optional platens available
Platinum RTD heat sensor
F° or C° available
Temperature range 200°F – 400°F
Available in 110V or 220V
UL / ULC / CE / RoHS approved
Premium warranty

Your Investment for Hotronix Auto Clam 16×20

$1,600.00 + FREE shipping & handling

Warranty: Lifetime heating element warranty.
1 year components and labor, Free lifetime technical support!

We’re Authorized Resellers for the Hotronix Line of Heat Presses

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  • Vai Rua says:

    What is the warranty for the Hotronix Auto Clam 16×20?

    • Cartess Ross says:


      Hotronix®, Mighty Press®, Mighty Press® Digital and Phoenix™ equipment manufactured by Stahls’ Hotronix® are warranted against defects in material and workmanship. Warranty is void if equipment has been damaged by accident, unreasonable use, neglect, unauthorized and/or improper service, or other causes not arising out of defects in material and workmanship. This warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear or neglect or lack of proper maintenance.

      The heating element shall be warranted for the life of all heat presses manufactured by Stahls® Hotronix. For Hotronix® and Phoenix™ brand heat presses there is a five(5) year warranty on major components, two(2) years on the circuit board and a one(1) year on all other components. For all Mighty Press® brand heat presses there is a one(1) year warranty on the heat press.

      During the warranty period, and in the event that a situation cannot be resolved by telephone and upon PRE-AUTHORIZATION FROM Stahls’ Hotronix®, your Hotronix®, Mighty Press®, Mighty Press® Digital and Phoenix™ equipment must be shipped, freight prepaid, to Stahls’ Hotronix® for service. All shipping and insurance expenses to and from the Hotronix® service center of in-warranty equipment is solely the responsibility of the customer. Stahls’ Hotronix® cannot be held responsible for improper handling or any other damage incurred in transit. No charge will be made for labor and components for repair of in-warranty equipment. OUT-OF WARRANTY machines will be charged at the repair rates in effect at the time the machine is received.

  • Do you ship your products to Zambia?

  • Frederik says:

    I have been looking at your videos on youtube about t-shirt press machine and want one on my own to make t-shirts. Wich of the machine are best if i just gonna make t-shirts with photoshop-cartoon prints? Wich type of paper is best to use?

    Frederik from Norway

    • kimross says:

      Hi Frederik,
      Below you’ll find a link that includes the heat press machines we recommend. These machines are best, they provide quality and they last!

      The transfers Cartess has recently made videos of regarding printing from a printer. These are much better than the ones you can purchase at local stores. In fact, these transfers can not be purchased at any store. Yes, these transfers hold up a lot better than the ones you can purchase from a local store and they will last a longer!

      However, if you want quality and want long lasting shirts have the designs screen printed onto the special release paper. We continue to stand by having your designs screen printed onto the transfer paper. I have many shirts that are over 3+ years old minus some bleach stains here and there but the shirts have held up well and they still look good!

      Cartess decided to look in this route for individuals that are not able to have their designs screen printed onto the special transfer paper due to the start up phases they are in and the cost that is involved. Again, we do recommend as soon as your business is able to pay to have your designs screen printed onto the special transfer paper, do it!

      See here, the link below….

      This is a great way for folks to get started with their tshirt business and provide descent shirts to thier customers verses selling shirts that were made by transfers purchased at an local store. You see, what happens when you use the transfers that are purchased at local stores. The customer only get a few wears out of the shirt and decides not to do business with you again because of the poor quality you offer.

      I can’t stress this enough this is a great way to get started for those we can not afford to have their designs screen printed. The over all best result would be; have the designs screen printed onto the special transfer paper instead of using a printer.

      What we understand the laser will be the better printer.

  • Lauren says:

    I’ve been looking at your machines to start a T-Shirt shopin our small town. However I can’t find a software I like enough, suggestions?

  • Yushwa Muhammad says:

    Hello Cartess,

    I came across this site from your youtube video. I have started a T-shirt company, but now in the process of printing my own products to cut off the middle man and avoid service headaches. I’m thinking of purchasing the Fusion Hotronix as you recommended. I notice a price difference with the auto clam press. Is there a difference in QUALITY with the fusion and the auto clam press? Also is there a process to screen press my own labels for tagless shirts. Please reply asap. Thank you

    • Cartess Ross says:

      Hi Yushwa,

      There’s no difference as far as quality because they’re both Hotonix machines. The difference is one is an auto clam and the other is the swing away machine- it’s just a preference.

  • Ronel says:

    do you ship in hong kong your product?

  • Silica says:

    Do you ship to Bermuda?

  • J.D. Washington says:

    What do you mean by life-time warranty on the heat element on all Stahl’s and a 1-year warranty on the Mighty Press brand heat press? I’m considering buying a 20-yr old Mighty Press from someone b/c of the brand and warranty, but will it have warranty? If I need something fixed by Stahl’s, is the serial number on the machine enough?

    • Judy Jolley says:

      Hi J.D.,
      I believe so, but I would double check with Stahl’s that you do not need purchase information. Their information is listed below. You can also engage in a “Live Chat” on their website here:

      Customer Service
      Phone: 800.478.2457
      Fax: 800.346.2216

  • Mr. Nasser Bin Hammad says:

    Hi there.. I am from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. How long will take to get the machine hotronix auto clam machine to UAE. Thank you


    • Judy Jolley says:

      Hi Nassar,
      Unfortunately we do not ship outside of the continental U.S due to the machine needing to be delivered on a freight truck. I apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Michelle Van Epps says:

    Price shows $1600. Why does the price bump up to $2100 when I go to order?

  • Tynee says:

    Where is the shoestring budget at? This definitely is not it.

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