ALERT: I've Seen a Bunch of Folks Go Broke Before Even Getting Their T-shirt Business Started. It's Time to Do it Differently So You Don't Get in Debt, Lose Your Investment and Lose Your Mind!

Over the years, thousands of new members flow into our t-shirt startup course on how to start their own t-shirt business. Few hit the ground running, while the majority really never even get started.

But there are a bunch of folks who will take all their money and go about things the wrong way and when they don't see immediate results, they quit ... But yet, they still have million dollar ideas, but are too frightened to move past that first set-back.

Starting any type of business is tough. Nobody gets it right the first time out of the gate. Most will make mistakes and you'll find that even the biggest and best companies run into major set backs all the time, but they don't shut down shop and quit.

After years of feedback, I started to present how newbies should get started ... so they don't go broke, or get into debt, or lose their minds. Craigslist is littered with people selling heat press machines who've never pressed any shirts on the darn thing.

You don't wanna be this person ... and be certain this is the business you want to do before dumping all that money into equipment and supplies.

Before my new members start their training, I put up a new 'START HERE' module up top within the course for them to watch and read all the resources on the page (play button has been disabled here).

This is how I now instruct them to start before spending thousands on excitement, fantasy and unrealistic expectations. Based on the data and feedback, this new training method I'm recommending seems to have worked. In the year that it's been up, we're seeing record numbers of new members moving through and building something great.

I've had many members e-mail me saying, 

"Cartess ... Thanks for putting this together. If I don't watch anything else in your course, this section alone was worth the membership fee."

In this intro, I immediately tell everyone NOT to buy any equipment.

I tell them NOT to purchase any transfers.

I tell them not to buy any printers or cutter.

My goal in this intro was to get everyone a quick-win ... I felt if I could get everyone a quick win and small successes, the more likely they'll stick this through and go on to win.

The beauty here was that if no one was willing to do the simple stuff outlined for getting a quick win, then they'd at least save themselves a few thousand bucks on all that startup stuff.

Truth be told, the business itself is fairly easy to start and run. Most people just lack the discipline to stay on task to see the business grow.

My goal with this intro was to stack the odds in my members favor to help them sell their first shirt as soon as possible so they can see how easy this business is.

So here's the deal ... If this is the ONLY thing you see, it's enough to get you started. For a limited time, I'm gonna release this video outside of the members only area and you can get it for a one-time fee of $27.

As many have stated, this single piece was more valuable to them than the entire course itself.

It's yours, right now, for a limited time for just $27.