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High Quality Photographs Can Make Your T-shirt Brand Standout!

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Packaging and positioning is very important in this business.  How well you package your t-shirt designs will determine whether people buy or not. It will also determine how much people are willing to spend for your shirts.

Each of the three photographs below were being displayed and sold on someone's website. Which of the 3 do you think could get the most money?

the Streets
The Streets

Only a  handful of brands can get away with doing that. Primarily because they've spent a ton of money getting their website designed by a professional, and there artwork is superb.

BustedTees can get away with it ...

But even on their t-shirt website, when you click on their designs from the front page, most will take you to a photograph of the actual t-shirt itself.

Others will take mannequins like the one in the middle and put their shirt on it. It's kind of hard to take this person seriously. I know I'd think twice before using my credit card to buy anything from this poor chap.

But the third design is much more professional. It makes your brand appear more 'real' and 'authentic'. It makes your business look much larger than a mom and pop operation.

And you can generally charge more money for it too ...

This was one of the things I figured out early on when I got started nearly 20 years ago. Everybody else was simply putting up their artwork on the website. It was hard to get a true appreciation for how the shirt really looks when all you see is the graphic. So I started putting photographs online.

Here's a few photographs we took of our Christian t-shirts..

As you can see, photographs can really make a big difference for your brand. If you're serious about growing your business,  you really should consider hiring models to represent your brand.

How to Prepare for Your Photoshoot

I've put together a quick training to show you how and where to find experienced models that'll come work with you. It's much better to work with experienced models because they already know what to do, and most come already prepared. It's not easy posing and looking natural in front of a camera, but these models can do that effortlessly.

It's typically not a good idea to work with family or friends. Things can get rather complicated pretty quickly. It's best to avoid it altogether.

Also, when hiring models, you need them to sign a release form. This protects you and gives you the right to use the photographs in any manner you like, as outlined in the agreement.

I'll discuss how much you should pay them ... It's not as expensive as you think. And because of the methods we use, you can typically get a few of them to come out for a very fair price. You don't want the same person in all of the photos.

I'll also show you where to find a good photographer. There are a few things you can do to ensure you're hiring one that knows what they're doing. In many cases, you don't want to necessarily shoot your photographs in a studio setting. I'll explain why in the training.

*VIDEO FOOTAGE: On one of the photoshoots, I had the camera running ... You'll get a glimpse into what's happening behind the scenes and see how we do, lol.

For a limited time, I'm making this training available for the low price of $57 $37.

The cost of my training is extremely low compared to what you get -- the price will increase soon, so hurry!

*BONUS INCLUDED: I'll show you the 'Model Release Form' we use. As long as you modify and tweak it, you're free to use it for your photoshoot. Once your models sign it, you'll need to store this document away so you never lose it. As long as you're using those photographs, you must have that document.