Got ideas for t-shirts? Try this...

Amazing New Technology Puts You in The T-shirt Business Without Having to Buy Any Equipment, Supplies, or Inventory

While someone else prints your shirt, package it up, and ships to your customer within 1-2 days.

Dear t-shirt enthusiast,

If you have lots of t-shirt ideas twirling around in your head, and you wish to get them online to the masses very quickly, this is going to be the most exciting news you'll ever read.

Here's why ... my name is Cartess Ross and nearly 20-years ago, with very little money and limited resources, I started a t-shirt business.

The technology as it is today,  was not available to me when I got started in the business. Because of that, I struggled daily just to get a decent start. The equipment and supplies I needed to get started was very expensive.

I worked extra shifts at my job just so I could buy enough blank t-shirts to get a great wholesale rate.

The family and I ate pinto beans and corn bread for weeks, just so we could get our t-shirt designs made. It was hard, and honestly, I really did not think we'd make it through that first year of business.

But we did survive ... and over time, things finally started to turnaround. More inquiries came in. Our name started to get out. And finally, the sales started to flood in. I even had to fly a friend in from Washington D.C. to help me get the orders out on time!

But the way I got started ... that was the hard way!

Today ... You Never Even Have to Make or Touch the T-shirt!

Listen: 20 years ago, the Internet was brand new  and it was just getting started.

Back in those days, people were terrified of using their credit cards to buy stuff online. Instead, they'd mail us checks and money orders. Obviously, we couldn't ship their order until their payment arrived, which in most cases, took 3-7 long excruciating days.

And then, we had to wait another 5-10 days for their checks to clear before we could ship.

Fast forward to 2017, you'd think I got my t-shirt business started back in the Stone Age. 

With advances in technology and fulfillment, you don't even have to purchase any type of equipment, no supplies, and no inventory. Whenever you sell a t-shirt, someone else does all of the hard work and prints the shirt for you.

This amazing process is so simple, you could literally start selling your t-shirt designs today!​

Here's how it works...

When a new order comes through your website, you get your money upfront! No more waiting weeks or months to get paid. Your website automatically charges the customer for their order, and the money drops directly into your bank account within 1-3 business days.

After you get paid, the order details are instantly sent to the fulfillment company.

From there,  they'll print out the design(s) onto the shirts; they'll package it up with your name and company logo on the outside packaging; and then they'll ship it within 1-2 days directly to your customer. 

This all happens whether you're out enjoy quality time with friends or family, or while you're tucked away in your comfortable bed, sound asleep. 

No struggling along and trying to keep up with the business like I did.

I remember spending long weekends manually pressing thousands of t-shirts with my heat press machine. There were times when my back would hurt so bad, I couldn't do anything for days.

Each day I didn't press shirts, I got further and further behind. I lost customers because I couldn't keep up with demand. 

I spent entire weekends sitting in front of the computer printing out shipping labels and packaging t-shirts to be shipped out the following Monday. 

But you won't have that problem ...

Whether you sell just one t-shirt, or 777 of them, they'll get printed and shipped within 1-2 days; all without you ever having to lift a finger.

And remember, you get your money upfront ... No more waiting weeks or months for third party vendors to decide when you get your CA$H!​

How to Build an Automated T-shirt Business That Works For You 24-7 on Autopilot!

So listen to this ... Many years ago, I thought I wanted to build a big empire with lots of employees. I wanted to look like a big shot, so I went out and got a big fancy office and started hiring people.

But there was a problem. You see, people have all sorts of issues happening in their own personal lives. The more people I hired, I found myself spending less time on my business, and more time being a counselor, a coach, a loan officer, and security guard.

  • Somebody always needed money for their car
  • Someone always came to work crying because of a nasty break-up with their boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • Someone always needed an advance to pay rent.
  • Someone was always calling out of work (usually after they got paid)
  • Someone always needed 'motivation'
  • Many were just downright lazy and stayed on their cll phones all day (think Facebook).
  • Someone always wanted to steal your stuff, and then we had to get 'the law' involved.
  • The problems were endless...

I bring all of this up to warn you ... you do not want the headache of managing people! It takes away from your real focus: The Business!

While your t-shirt business runs on autopilot, you get to focus 100% of your efforts on the things that matter most to growing and building a successful t-shirt company. 

You get to spend your time coming up with new designs. There's no limit to how many design ideas you come up with. It doesn't cost you one-penny extra to load them onto your website.

Whether you have 6 t-shirt design ideas, or 500 of them, you simply load it up through this amazing app, which automatically puts it onto your website. And when someone orders any of your designs, the data passes through the app and is instantly sent off to get printed, packaged and shipped directly to your customer!

So... If you want to jump in on this exciting opportunity, sign-up to get instant access to a new training I've just released. It tells you all about the process and how you can get started immediately.

For a limited time, I'm making this training available for the low price of $57 $37.

The cost of my training is extremely low compared to what you get -- a real business you can start, without going broke!

FREE BONUS: If you sign-up right now, I'll throw in a template you can use when hiring graphic designers to create your t-shirt ideas. Most people don't realize when a graphic designer creates your t-shirt ideas, they own the copyrights to the design/artwork. This form ensures you, and you alone, own all rights to the design they've created for you.