Ready to Dig-in the Trenches and Launch Your T-shirt Business? Start Right Here!

Welcome to my quick-start resource page. Over the years, I've answered every question imaginable about starting and building a successful t-shirt business using plastisol transfers and a heat press transfer machine.

This page will get extremely detailed about how I built my t-shirt business. It's my hope that you can use this as a template to start working and building your business. 

I will provide links and resources to help get you on your way.

I will share stories and real life experiences -- because like many of you that are starting, I was fearful and had doubt and uncertainty. I didn't believe I was good enough to own a business, and I didn't think people would buy my stuff.

I was very wrong.

Strangers loved me; and they loved my stuff.  And if you're willing to put yourself out there, and just trust the process, you'll find that they'll love you too!

So let's get started!

The fastest way to ensure rapid success with your t shirt business.

Like most, you got something you want to say. A t-shirt is the perfect canvas for spreading your message. But where do you start?

I think the most important thing to do from the beginning is to decide what niche, or segment of the population you will make t shirts for.

Your life is going to be so much easier when you're able to identify who you're selling too.

For example, it's gonna be a lot easier to sell my t-shirts if my shirts are designed for registered nurses (RN's). If I know that I'll be selling to nurses, I won't be spinning my wheels trying to convince truckers or personal trainers to buy my shirts -- because they're not nurses and they're not interested.

When I know my target, I can put all of my resources, efforts, energy and money into this one target market. 

If I don't have a niche, and I'm simply making t-shirts with the idea that everyone is a potential customer, it becomes costs prohibitive trying to marketing to everyone, and trying to convince them to buy my stuff.

Trying to promote this 300 million people is a nightmare ... But I can runs advertisements for my nurse t-shirts in places where I know nurses hang out at.

My t-shirts can show up in nurses forums. They can appear in nurse groups on Facebook. I can place my nurse t-shirt ads on videos and channels nurses watch on YouTube.

I can run ads and appear on search engine results page when nurses are online searching. I can show up at workshops and events that registered nurses are guaranteed to be.

That's the beauty of a niche.

We chose to sell Christian themed t-shirts to Christian folk. Our speciality was running church fundraisers where these churches could purchase wholesale Christian tees from us and mark them up to raise money.

We later started wholesaling to Christian bookstores all across the country.

We had a tightly defined niche and knew who our potential customers were.

You're going to need to do this ... This is the fastest way to ensure success. Any other way will be a long and tedious and expensive process.

Here are some examples of niches where t-shirts could do well: 

  • Fire Fighter Tees
  • Motivational Tees
  • Sports Tees
  • Western T-shirts
  • Gaming Tees
  • 2nd Amendment Tees
  • Political Tees
  • Wildlife T-shirts
  • Military Shirts
  • Foodies, Raw T-shirts
  • Patriotic T-shirts
  • Funny / Humor 
  • Christian T-shirts
  • Holidays (Christmas)
  • Horse T-shirts

The list is endless ... Also, pay attention to what's happening in the media. As of this writing, patriotism is a huge thing in the United States. Coming up with t-shirts that are patriotic in nature could do extremely well under the current climate.

The following t-shirt has always done well for us ... To date, as of this writing, this single shirt has brought in over $400,000 in revenue.

Notice the simplicity of it ... Nothing fancy, just simple, clean and to the point. The message is clear and it appears to the Christian patriot.

No wonder it sells so well ... Even more so in this current political climate.

Play video below to see actual examples of pre-made transfers (and brief talk about niches)

So the first thing to do is to identify what niche, or target audience you intend to go after.

If you don't intend to come up with your own designs, you can purchase pre-made transfers that already has designs printed on the transfers.

In the images below, you'll notice they're Christian themed. In the beginning, you purchased Christian themed transfers, pressed them onto the t-shirts and sold them.

$100K From 1 T-shirt Design 20 Years Later
Screen Printed Transfers

They weren't even our designs...  There are tens of thousands of pre-made transfers with designs already on them ... You simply choose the category you wish to make shirts for and that's it.

Here are some examples of political transfers ...

Patriotic Tees
Patriotic Tees

You'll notice how the transfer companies make designs for both sides... The people who hate President Trump can buy transfers and those who love President Trump can purchase and voice their opinion too.  

Here are some examples of Christmas transfers ...

Christmas transfers

So start here ... Determine the niche you're going after, and then decide whether you'll make your own designs, or purchase pre-made ones (for the first few years we used pre-made designs).

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