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Regular Guy Launches T-shirt Company Out of His RV

Check out the amazing story from Raymond and Daisy. In this short post, they share how they launched their t-shirt company from their RV…

If you’re unfamiliar with what RVs are, take a look at the picture below — that’s an RV!

T-shirt Business Launched From RV

This couple lived in this RV with limited space, but yet, they’ve successfully started their t-shirt business and have been able to generate revenue from their t-shirt venture.

Like most people, they could have came up with many excuses… Like… ‘there’s not enough space’, or ‘I’ll wait until we get a house’, etc…

But they didn’t. They literally started right where they were at.

Check out their story below:

Raymond Story

What a GREAT story… I get these e-mails every week from our TshirtRiches members. If you have a success story to share, send it to me… I want to help you start, launch and grow your own t-shirt business with the unique t-shirt design ideas you have twirling around in your head…

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