I must say how impressed I am...

My Sample T-shirt Arrived in the Mail Today, and it Looks Great!

WOW ... This t-shirt came out fantastic.

I ordered it on a Thursday evening (after hours), which means they likely didn't receive the order until Friday morning when they came into the office. Nonetheless, I received this printed shirt on Tuesday...

That was some super-fast delivery yo...

Take a look for yourself. Hit the play button below:

You gotta jump in and take advantage of this .... If money has been a problem in you getting started, this is a great alternative. It puts you in the business and you get to showcase your brand.

How to Sign-up for This Service!​

Before I provide the links below, let me tell you this first...

The company offering the service does a piss-poor job explaining how all of this stuff work. They leave a lot of details out. So I'm putting together a training that breaks it all down, and in the coming week, I'll be adding some incredible marketing strategies you can use to flood your website with solid prospects that are likely to buy your shirts.

If you're interested, come back to this page and read about my program further down the page.

Here are the links:

  • You're going to need to download an app that connects to this company's print-on-demand service. And because this company uses the Shopify platform, you must use their website platform. Shopify is  offering a 2-week trial to try out their website service. This is the only expense you'll have to pay, but it's necessary if you wish to use this print on demand service offer by the other company. Paying this small monthly fee is a small price to pay for what you'll get in return. Go here and sign-up for the 2-week trial and come back to scroll down to get the link to the company that provides the app (if you feel you're gonna use their service, then I'd encourage you to signup and get one of their plans so your website remains active after the 14-day trial. I'd hate for you to lose everything you designed and setup:  Click here 

  • Now for the app. The print service is being offered by Air Waves OnDemand. They've been in the printing and apparel business for over 30 years. I've been a customer with them for almost 20 years. I purchased  most of my stock and custom screen printed transfers from them. They are a great company. There's a short video on their website (doesn't really do a great job explaining the service), but the service is excellent. You can learn more about their service, and you can download the app by clicking the link below (you must have the Shopify account setup in order to use the app): Click Here for AirWaves OnDemand

The key to making this service work is by having excellent and high quality artwork. If you don't have that, your stuff won't look right. I can't stress this enough.

As I mentioned earlier, if you feel a little confused by Air Wave's explanation, get my training. I will be adding and sending a lot more information to those who purchase it. You will learn how to market and advertise your website so you can sell. If no one knows about your website and brand, nobody buys. 

Click here for my training!