The other day I came up with an amazing idea for a t-shirt design… But the BIG problem I have is that I can’t draw. But I knew what I wanted.

Do you remember the move SCARFACE with Al Pacino? Well, I wanted to design a Christian themed t-shirt using that SCARFACE concept. But with my concept, I wanted to position Jesus as the REAL SCARFACE (or the Original Scarface).

So I found some pictures online and I found someone who had created a t-shirt around the SCARFACE movie and I wrote up a long description outlining what I wanted.

In fact, here’s a screenshot of what I compiled


What you see above is how I literally submitted my idea… I pieced it altogether with a detailed outline of what I wanted… Once I did this, I submitted my project where I could get thousands of graphic designers to create my design ideas for me…

So… if you can’t draw, no worries. In this business you can get graphic designers to do it for you. Back in the day, you’d easily pay thousands of dollars to get custom artwork done and even if you paid them, the graphic designer still owned the copyrights (this is standard in the graphic design business — unless you pay more and/or negotiate the terms… so be careful if you’re doing this on your own with someone).

But anyhow… I had over 69 submissions from graphic designers from all over the world… Take a look at a few of the concepts they created for me:















These are just a few of the concepts created for me … I had the option to choose from over 69 different design ideas and concepts.

I couldn’t choose which one I liked so I had our TshirtRiches members help me decide by having a voting. They overwhelmingly chose design #10.

I’m getting those made up this week.

In fact, I liked this graphic designer so much, I had him create even more designs for me… Take a look at these… He did all of these for me for just $250.00







So… if you don’t know how to draw, I can teach you this method of getting designers to create your ideas for you. You won’t have to go out and buy expensive software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator…


You won’t have to spend money on classes to learn how to use that high-end software… And you get to lean on the expertise of the graphic designer to help you make your designs even better.

I’ve been at this a long time and I realize how important your designs are. The designs themselves are essentially your business. Get those wrong and people won’t buy your stuff.

Remember, the designs are the most important assets in your t-shirt business. Don’t skimp out trying to do this yourself and end up with mediocre t-shirt designs.

I see people all the time thinking they know how to use these high-end software tools and end up creating crap. They’ll even try and argue with me trying to convince others that the software is easy to learn — when in reality it’s not.

Graphic designers spend years learning and perfecting their craft… They go to school, they attend workshops and they quite literally eat, drink and sleep graphic design.

They’re houses are plastered with magazines, pictures, tutorials, guidebooks and videos…. This is what they consume their days and night with.

So if you don’t have that type of time or dedication, you better hire a professional graphic designer.

I’ve put together a mini-course that’ll show you how to get these graphic designers to create your design ideas for you…

I’ll take you behind the scenes and show you how I got my design idea created (the SCARFACE design idea above). You can take these same concepts and get all of your t-shirt design ideas created for you.

I’ll show you

  • how to find the right designer (one-on-one)
  • how to ensure you own the rights to the artwork they create for you
  • how to properly write-up a description of what you want (this is where most people mess up — they think it’s the designers job to come up with your design concepts)
  • how to do this for others and make money as your own design firm

Even if you need a logo designed for your t-shirt company or brand, you can use what you learn from here to get those done

I recently created the following logos for a client of mine using these graphic designers… Cost me $100 bucks — I marked it up to $595.00



These are high quality designs and you’d easily pay a locally based US company upwards of $1,500.00 for something of this quality… And for those of you who say you can find a US company to do this for $200, don’t kid yourselves — it’ll usually look like it was done for $200.

So enough of me chatting it up…

SPACE is LIMITED to the First 300 People and Then the Price Rises Up By Another $10 Bucks

The training is immediately available to you. After you order, you’ll be taken to a page to create your username & password. After which, you can login to the training.

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