Marketing and Advertising Your T-shirt Business for Exposure and Sales

Hey, hey, hey ... You're in the BIG leagues now, but no one knows you exist... They don't know anything about your new line of t-shirts.

So what do you do? 

In order to get sales, you must market and advertise your business. People need to know you exist and the best way to do that is by going to where they're at and making them aware.

Because we were targeting churches and Christian bookstores (and individuals), we ran radio advertisements on Christian radio stations.

It was  super expensive, but we had to be present where they were at. Many stores and Christian folk listen to Christian radio. This was a great opportunity for us to make these targeted groups of people aware of our company and services.

It worked .... Orders started flowing in and we started making money. We also ran ads on other Christian themed websites like Christian forums, Christian singles sites, websites with bible study tools, and so on... 

It worked well because we put our message in front of people who were very likely to purchase our stuff ... The same will be required for you as well.

None of that free social media stuff is gonna work... You're running a real business and you must do what real business owners do and thats market and advertise like heck.

Because of the new opportunities with social media, you can market and advertise to a very targeted group of people on these platforms. It's gonna costs you money, but the returns can be amazing.

You can use these platforms to get worldwide exposure, but not for free. They're gonna make you pay to play.

One of the things you should do is sit down and determine where the people who'll likely buy your shirts hang-out at. What do they read or listen too? What type of media do they read? What forums do they participate in? 

Watch and see this powerful example:

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