The Unfiltered Truth About Starting a T-shirt Business - Why Most Will Fail Miserably

This is NOT an easy business to start or run. Most come into this space with ridiculous expectations, and most quit before giving the business a chance to succeed.  

Most people bring their insecurities, their fears, and their self-doubt. The biggest one of all is their fear of failure. This alone keeps many from ever starting -- and it's really freaking sad. 

I believe you have a chance at succeeding if you're willing to put in the hard work. Watch the video below and find out if you can stomach the journey to building a successful tshirt business:

The t-shirt business is a very fun business where you get to be creative and make all sorts of stuff. You don't have to know how to draw, and you can start your t shirt business part-time in a spare bedroom, garage, or even on your kitchen table like we did. 

I started my Christian tshirt business from home with a manual t-shirt heat press machine, and screen printed transfers known as 'plastisol' transfers (plastisol are the inks screen printers use to print onto t-shirts). 

$100K From 1 T-shirt Design 20 Years Later
Screen Printed Transfers

Using a heat press machine like those in the picture behind me, I'm able to 'transfer' those designs from the 'release paper' and onto t-shirts, canvas bags, hoodies, and other printable items.

For most people getting started, screen printing equipment is too expensive. It takes up too much space, and it's impractical for most people to do from home because of the toxic inks, fumes and large pieces of equipment required. Not to mention, the learning curve is ridiculous!

Heat pressing t-shirts from home with a heat press machine and screen printed transfers (plastisol) is a great way to break into the business, especially if your money supply is limited like mine was.

I've successfully used this process to sell millions of dollars worth of t-shirts to customers, Christian bookstores, and churches all over the world.

If you're serious about learning this business, let me show you the ropes. When I started selling my t-shirts online nearly 20 years ago, the Internet was practically brand new. Technology has changed a lot since then and it's much easier and more affordable to get started.

So ... What are you waiting for???

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