What is a T-shirt Heat Press and How Do You Print T-shirts With Them?

If you've never seen a t-shirt heat press in action, then you're in for a real treat... Watch the video below to see how you can effortlessly print t-shirt after t-shirt with a t shirt press machine, blank t-shirts and custom screen printed heat transfers. As you can see, no messy inks and hazardous fumes being inhaled into your lungs. The t-shirt heat press machine I'm using will allow you to get the same quality print as you would from a screen printer... Click the Play Button Below to … [Read more...]

Tee Shirt Iron-On Transfers SUCK and Here’s Why!

Custom Screen Printed Transfers (Plastisol) versus Iron-On Transfers... Watch the video to see why Screen Printed Transfers are so superior. If you're interested in learning how to start and build your own t-shirt business, check out our tee shirt business startup course: If you have additional questions about the custom Plastisol transfers, feel free to leave your questions and comments below. If you found this video helpful, please click on the "like" button below as … [Read more...]

Create a Vision Board for the T-shirt Business and the Lifestyle You Want to Have!

While on YouTube, I came across ButterflySoul8's vision board video. I was impressed and motivated to start working on my own vision board too. For those of you who aren't familiar with vision boards, here's what they are... A vision board is a visual representation or a collage of photographs outlining the things you wish to have, be, or do in life. It generally comes in the form of a poster board with pictures, drawings and writings. It's purpose is to activate the law of attraction to … [Read more...]

FAQs About Starting a T-shirt Business with a Heat Press

I still get a bunch of questions about this t-shirt heat press machine... So in today's video, I address questions like... will someone steal my t-shirt design idea can i make multi-colored designs should i take a local business course what software should i use to make t-shirt designs can i transfer designs on dark colored t-shirts/garments will the transfer leave an outline on the shirt (around the design) can i use an iron will i make a million … [Read more...]

More T-shirt Transfer Questions Addressed in This Video… And Beware of Friends and Family

Got a few great questions  today and I thought I'd answer these with a quick video... One of the questions came about because this guy was catching a bunch of heat from family and friends who felt he should be screen printing his t-shirts, and not using the heat press method. Another person had questions about whether the same adult sized transfers could be used to print onto youth sized tees; and the last question dealt with whether or not to use models to showcase t-shirt designs (models … [Read more...]