What is a T-shirt Heat Press and How Do You Print T-shirts With Them?

If you’ve never seen a t-shirt heat press in action, then you’re in for a real treat… Watch the video below to see how you can effortlessly print t-shirt after t-shirt with a t shirt press machine, blank t-shirts and custom screen printed heat transfers. As you can see, no messy inks and hazardous fumes […]

Tee Shirt Iron-On Transfers SUCK and Here’s Why!

Custom Screen Printed Transfers (Plastisol) versus Iron-On Transfers… Watch the video to see why Screen Printed Transfers are so superior. If you’re interested in learning how to start and build your own t-shirt business, check out our tee shirt business startup course: If you have additional questions about the custom Plastisol transfers, feel free to […]

Create a Vision Board for the T-shirt Business and the Lifestyle You Want to Have!

While on YouTube, I came across ButterflySoul8’s vision board video. I was impressed and motivated to start working on my own vision board too. For those of you who aren’t familiar with vision boards, here’s what they are… A vision board is a visual representation or a collage of photographs outlining the things you wish […]