A Documentary For T-shirt Fanatics — T-shirt Stories 

By  Cartess Ross

This documentary offers an immersion in the culture of the tee-shirt, this simple piece of clothing has become a work of art for some and counter culture symbol for others. American Apparel founder Dov Charney, Earsnot, Tony Alva, Jim Philips, Mark the Cobrasnake and VERBAL all make appearances amongst an eclectic group of creatives.

Watch the trailer below…

If you want the full DVD, you can get it at Colette.

Cartess Ross

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Cartess Ross

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    I joined the course before you started giving these samples to members i was wondering if you could send me the line sheet and other samples. I am growing faster than expected but not with my niche. People and companies are contacting me to create there design and also to make the shirt which is great but when it comes to dark shirts i run into the box
    sproblem and they dont look as good but they are not big enough orders(10-20)shirts to have the screen printed.sheets made. I have hooked up with a company that will produce my shirt with my design up to six colors screen printed for an unbelievable price of 2.50 a shirt and this price includes the same shirt im using so its going to start growing even faster. I owe it all to you and this site but i was asking if u could send me the line sheet. If you need my address jusr

    • Congrats on your success — I am SOOOO happy for you! Regarding the linesheet — I just saw your upgrade order come through. It’ll be in the mail coming your way soon!

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