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Can You Make Simple T-shirts Like These!

Funny T-shirts can earn you a small fortune … that’s why I like the t-shirt business niche. People are coming up with funny, weird and controversial ideas everyday of the week… Check out these over-the-top and simple tees below from 6DollarTees… There’s nothing complex about these t shirts; they’re simple one and two color designs that are extremely cheap to make:

Mexican COKE

These type of funny shirts are selling like hotcakes because they’re outrageous and ‘simple’? I don’t care what wacky idea you have, some poor soul will buy your stuff — I PROMISE!!!

The thing that makes this pop off is the crazy guy with the hat and beard — he actually looks like he really loves Mexican Coke (and keep in mind that he could very well be talking about coca-cola the drink … And please know, I don’t support or encourage drug use, but I wanted to show you how far and over the top you can go with YOUR t-shirt business … There is nothing off the table.

I like one color and two color designs because they’re cheap to print and I like words and fancy fonts because they look super nice and impressive when done correctly … Like the ‘Cooler’ shirt in the pic above.

So … What’s stopping you from getting started with your own t-shirt business?

There’s a simple formula for writing your own ticket with t-shirts and I wanna show you how to do well so you can support yourself, and/or your family with this model.

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    So far I’ve just been designing t-shirts and uploading them to places like redbubble and teepublic. I got some funny t-shirt ideas from this site here maybe a t-shirt business is in order 🙂

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