"We Got Our First 100 T-shirt Order!!!" 

By  Cartess Ross


Got the following e-mail from Missy the other day... She was excited about the 100 t-shirt order they landed — and the orders are still coming in.

Missy and her husband didn’t make excuses. They didn’t wait until they could get started with custom screen printed transfers. The went out purchased some start-up equipment and started printing transfers from home.

She included a great quote in her e-mail, and you’ll see it below in big red letters… If you’re procrastinating and making excuses, then you probably don’t want this bad enough.

Read their story below and get inspired… You really can do this. You deserve better. Your family deserves better.

Missy DavisonJust wanted to say thank you for all of the information you have provide us through your videos for the tshirt business.

We have really enjoyed our membership and started our company in April.

We of course still need to work on legalizing it, etc….but we went ahead and started anyways (purchased start up equipment, etc).

We have had quite a few jobs already and several decent size orders. We got our first 100 shirt order (for the motorcycle run for cancer foundation). Thanks again for everything!! We appreciate Tshirt Riches! We have been looking for a program like yours for a long time and then finally came accross it!! This was exactly what we needed to help us get started!

There will always be procrastination and excuses – but it just depends on how bad you want it I suppose!

Thanks again for everything!! I am going to find your video on pressing 42 tees to observe your routine.”

Missy Davison

So what are you going to do???

There are people out there who will buy what you have to sell… Think about the following for a moment.

Missy and her husband started their t-shirt business less than 2 months ago, and someone ordered 100 t-shirts weeks later. 2 months ago, their business didn’t exist and yet, this organization was still going to need 100 t-shirts for their upcoming event. They were going to buy from someone, but because Missy and her husband took action, the organization purchased from them.

At some point, you MUST completely change what you’ve been doing all your life if you want different results… You’re where you’re at right now because of the decisions you’ve made. BUT… You can start making new decisions today — just like Missy and her husband did less than 60 days ago!

If you’ve been thinking about starting your own t-shirt business, then take action and move in that direction… This is a great business that will allow you to start part time and grow it into a full time business if that’s what you want to do.

It’s a great business that’ll bring in additional income to help you cover monthly expenses… It’ll help pay off some debt and it’ll even help offset college expenses for your children.

It’s a great business model in which you can get your kids involved in now and it’ll put something in them that’ll guide them towards independence for the rest of their lives!!!

What are you waiting for? Don’t let another year go by without at least attempting to get your t-shirt business off the ground…

You can start off with one design and grow from there. Missy and her husband are printing their own t-shirt transfers at home — so no more excuses!!!

Check out our t-shirt startup course…

How to Start Your Own T-shirt Business

Start T-shirt Training Class

Cartess Ross

I will guide you through this process and provide you with proven strategies to help you build a t-shirt company. As one of the original pioneers to start selling t-shirts online 20 years ago, I've sold millions of dollars in t shirts to people all over the world. I founded TshirtRiches in 2007 to teach others how to turn their t-shirt ideas into a business. So if you're ready, hop onboard and let's make this money!

Cartess Ross

  • Pageswithpurpose says:

    Very inspiring Cartess! Thank you for ALL of your videos too! I too have my heat press machine,I also have a million ideas,I bring a notebook with me everywhere so no ideas escape me.The only issue is finding ways to market original designs.Do you think it is better to sell your own t shirt ideas/designs,or look for fundraising thing like the cancer walk story above? Thank you Cartess!

    • No problem… Glad we could help!

      Keep that notebook around — I’ve had inspirational moments while walking around and couldn’t remember them when I got back home!!!

      The key to marketing is identifying a niche you wish to cater too… For example, with the religious themed tees we promote, we can find the audience and run ads and promos to get in front of them.

      I’m putting together an elaborate/detailed ‘business plan’ module together right now and this should help you identify your target market — once you know this, it makes getting in front of them much easier.

      • Hello Cartess,

        I am at this stage now trying to identify my target market. Is this ‘business plan’ module ready? I am ready to test the waters!

        • Should be very soon. We’re overhauling the entire inside. Everything should be ready within 2 weeks.

  • We have gone though 3 of modules all ready and just got the course two days ago. We already have a custom license plate business and just wanted to add more to our line. We really enjoyed watching the videos so far. and of course all the free videos we have watched too. I even downloaded Marketing sumari to get some good keywords to work with. We have an event this weekend that we are hoping does really well. Wish us good luck.

  • Liberty shirts! says:

    Awesome!! What program do u guys use to design anything?

    • There are several abode programs that are used to create designs just to name a few, photoshop, illustrator and design. The software usually cost any where from $600-$2,000.

      I’m assuming you are not a designer, since you are asking which programs are used to create designs. If you are not a designer, or not familiar with any of the software. I would highly recommend hiring a graphic artist to create the designs for you. The software that are used to create designs; are extremely difficult and there’s a huge learning curb for anyone who’s getting started.

      The time it will take you to learn the software and learn how to create a design that anyone would want to buy from you; that could have been time put towards your business.

  • THOMAS ODOM says:

    mr. ross my nitche is going to be in the religous side. as i said in one of the emails i sent you i make vinyl decals. i can
    use that program to make plastisol heat transfers. i do have lot of ideas. i will be some transfers. but i’ve got to show
    the customers what i can do. but offer service in doing one/two color transfers. but thank you for your information.
    and have a great day.

  • Dear Cartess,

    Thank you for proving the videos. Just starting the Garment Application endeavor for our outreach minstry and am wondering what type of ‘home transfer’ did Missy Davidson and her husband use?

    Thank you for sharing all your knowledge. Be Blessed.

  • Hi Cartess…
    Just a word of advice for your members on designing. I am using Fiverr.com for designers. you basically give them an idea and they run with it…and it costs you 5 bucks. Very cool service!

  • I too have used Fiverr.com. There are some great artists on that site. You just have to scroll through to find the right one for you. I used one to create the banner for my website. He did an excellent job! Cartess, your information is invaluable. I pray God’s divine favor upon your business going forward. We so appreciate all that you have done to share this information. I am gleaning much from the modules. Just last night, I was listening to you and it hitme that what I was thinking, you spoke, to sell the transfers and let someone else do the work. The Lord has blessed me with some great ideas that I am currently turning into plasitol and rhinestone transfers. I had been looking for a place to have the plasitol transfers done at a reasonable price. Your module gave me my answer. God bless you my friend. Lady M

    • Thanks for the kind words… Sounds like you’re off to a GREAT start. Working smarter and not harder will take you farther in this biz. Let someone else do all the work while you earn as they continue to re-order transfers 🙂

  • A pretty awesome program to design with also is CorelDraw X6.

  • wayne fabra says:

    Greetings friend and mentor: I now have my 16×24 heatpress machine. I just wanted to say , thanx so much for the free samples of t-shirts and transfers. This is a great way to practice using your machine so you don’t screw up the designs you paid for already. You’re a man that sees 20 miles down the road, Mr. Ross. And I just finished putting up a starter website on shopify. I also have full credit card and paypal availability also. I am ready to roll. Thanx again my friend. I’ll keep yuou up to date on my progress. Any suggestions or tips, please feel free to enquire. Thanx again…Wayne.

    • Hi Wayne,

      That’s awesome! We’re so glad to hear of your progress, please keep us posted.

  • steve gibson says:

    Hi Cartess,
    I cannot see the videos,they are not streaming, thought the problem was with phone ,but i am on a desktop and the same problem occur,keep saying there was a problem loading the video. Please avdise,


    • Which page are you seeing that error message on… There’s no videos posted on this page at all….

  • I would love to know what t-shirt transfers they used. I made some tees a few years back using my printer and they are still holding up. I have purchased a few different transfers more recently and they suck!! Peeling, easily tear, cracking, etc. Goal is to get the plastisol transfers, but in the interim, we need to get the shirts out…


  • Hello Mr. Ross,

    I would just like to know what kind of transfer process are you using?… what is digital printing and lithographic printing?….thank you for the info…

  • Hey,can i use one screen printed transfer to print more than one tee? or if I have to print 20tees,am suppose to have 20 screen printed transfer.

    • Hi Ejo,

      YOu can not use a screen printed transfer to print from a printer. Transfers can only be used “ONE” time.

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