Getting the Word Out About Your T-shirt Business with Simple Marketing 

By  Cartess Ross

I went to get a PO BOX today at the post office and noticed this bulletin board on my way out the door

Bulletin Board Ads

A bunch of local businesses come here to post their services on this board … I asked the lady at the front desk if all of the local post offices had something similar and she said yes. And it’s FREE to post.

When you look at the bulletin board, which flyers/brochures jump out at you?

To me, the yellow ones immediately stand out … Also, notice the ones with the ‘tear-off’ phone numbers — they’ve all seem to work very well since all of them have numbers ripped off. So what does that tell you? Perhaps make one for yourself and make it easier for potential customers to call you.

If you placed these in let’s say 25 local post offices — you’ll get a bunch of exposure. Yes, I understand it’s a lot of work, but it’s FREE… Doesn’t cost you anything but time and a few dollars in gas.


One thing for certain is that most of the people posting on these bulletin boards are business owners … I imagine many of them need t shirts right? Why not promote your t-shirt or screen printing business?

I’ve also seen these types of bulletin boards at grocery stores … I’ve even seen them in some Home Depot and Lowe’s stores.

Getting exposure for your t-shirt business doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Just get a little creative and pay attention to where you can promote your t-shirt brand.

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Cartess Ross

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Cartess Ross

  • Question on the Size of shirt with the size of the transfer Is there a standard chart for this?

  • Thanks, I can’t say that I’m ready to do the t-shirts yet. I’ve been looking at t-shirts at different stores. Looking at the transfer that they have. The price they have on them I can’t see how they can make anything. Material and time takes most of the profit.

    • Hi Lee!
      The more you order of a transfer, the lower the price is. Chances are the shirts you are seeing in stores are a part of a large order. The person who made the shirts most likely got supplies for a really low price due to ordering a large amount. Trust me that a profit is more than possible! It takes a little while for a business to start making a profit when first starting out, most are happy to break even the first quarter. Hang in there!

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