Girls Can't Start a T-shirt Business??????? 

By  Cartess Ross

Gretchen Cawthon was tired of being told “Girls Can’t” so she started a t-shirt business to empower girls! Her company is Girls Can’t What and she designs shirts that show Girls Can!

Check out the video interview below she did with Shelia Butler of Successful Women Talk:

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Cartess Ross

  • Hi Cartess, thank you for highlight my interview with Grethcen – she has such an amazing story. Appreciate your support.

    • Not a problem at all Shelia — and sorry for the delay in responding back to you!

      My wife has been hanging around your site the last few weeks 🙂

      • Cartess,

        Hello, Wow! Shelia’s interview with Gretchen is spectacular.
        This interview should be in everyone’s monthly replay list.
        Thank you for sharing, and please thank Shelia and Gretchen.
        Very Helpful Advice.

        All the Best Cartess,


        Bill Ferrie

  • Would love if Grethcen could share her SEO Tips ….

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