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T-shirt Heat Press Machine

Over the years, I’ve used many heat press machines to sell and print tens of thousands of t-shirts, aprons, canvas tote bags, bibs, mouse pads and much much more. Of all the t-shirt heat press machines I’ve used, the best heat press by far were the ones manufactured by Stahls’ Hotronix.

Tshirt Riches is an authorized distributor of the Hotronix® and the MAXX™ Press and we’re proud to be able to provide and educate you about the best t-shirt heat transfer pressing equipment!

I’ve posted links below to pages within our website that’ll provide you with videos and information about the various types of heat presses available.

In addition to the heat press machines above, keep in mind that you don’t have to purchase new t-shirt heat presses…

If the machines above are outside of your budget, don’t hesitate to look for bargains on websites like Craigslist.com, eBay and Amazon. They’re sitting in people’s garages collecting dust and you can often find a bargain if you’re willing to buy used..

Apply the extra savings towards starting your new t-shirt business.

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  • MJ says:

    If we order a heat press how long will it take for us to get it? We have already meet with a small business development center in our area and will be getting a business license this week. We are in the process of getting some preorder interest right now as I send this, so we are ready to rock and roll. So if we order a heat press how long will it take? Also how can we contact you/T-shirt Riches for follow up on orders?

  • Cartess Ross says:

    We have them in stock now…Ran out a couple of weeks ago and some orders were delayed. They generally ship out 3-5 days after you place your order.

    • mike says:

      how much for this equipment? its better than the one i use, i think

      • Judy Jolley says:

        Hi Mike,
        Hotronix heat presses start at $995 and go up. Hope this helps!

  • Bodisoty says:

    how do i make the same t-shirt over a over.

  • Admin says:

    What is needed to operate the machine? Other than transfer sheets?

  • jacky says:

    Hello great job.The heat press are for hoodies or only for tshirts?Also there is bigger heat press than 16×20?the 16×20 is the perfect choice?which machine i need for the prints?or pc program?Also how cost a tshirt?thanks…

  • lat says:

     Hi Cartess, I just want to let you know I enjoy watching your videos on Youtube, It appears you tell it how it is and I like that. I have one question that has been bugging me and wondered if you can help me out with it. I was wondering with the difference between the Hotronix and Gecko besides cost-wise.  between the Hotronix and Gecko besides cost-wise. 

  • Kscnn says:

    do you have any agency in southkorea.if you have i would  like to contact that heatpress.
    and how can i get transpapper ,if does it possable designe transpapper ourself,
    if you have more information ,please send me email

  • Kamuzu says:

          do u ship to Africa like zambia on so on

  • Lightseygn says:

    Do you ever reduce or donate some of the items for tax purposes.    My dad was diganosed with ALS and were going to have a big event plant to help him and the others diagnosed with ALS.  Handing out shirts and telling people about it bring huge awareness.  It’s ok if you don’t it didn’t hurt to ask.  We asking business from around to donate stuff so we can get our big event under way.  THanks lightseygn@aol.com

  • Cartess Ross says:

    No… sorry.

  • Cartess Ross says:

    I don’t… Sorry.

  • Cartess Ross says:

    Thanks for the kind words… Hotronix has a variety of machines — each one with their own features. Overall, the Hotronix is a solid machine, more sturdy and quality. It’s like driving a ford escort vs mercedes benz. They both get you where you need to go, but one is more ‘prestigious’ and built better. If money is no issue, go Hotronix. If you’re just trying to get started and money is not falling out of the sky for you, get the Gecko. It works and will make quality t-shirts for you too.

  • Cartess Ross says:

    Electricity and some t-shirts 🙂

  • Cartess Ross says:

    The press can print both tees and hoodies. See this video:

    There are larger machines than the 16×20. I’d recommend the 16×20 though.

  • Cartess Ross says:

    Not sure I understand the question?

  • JJsocool says:

    I have one question to ask about transfer paper & printer before i purchase heat press machine…
    -is any type of ink that i can use? or do i have to use some type of ink?
    -printer… I can use anykind printer (basic home printer?) that i can use while i printing a design to transfer paper?

  • kayman says:


    I have currently designed many shirts ( some for businesses and what not and some for personal expression) however, the more complex ones ( my own expression ) are vastly detailed ( vector graphics ) and are oversized. With a heat press would I be able to do the following:

    – Print a design on say 4 papers and press onto the same shirt in quadrants ( ie left side sleeve, then right sleeve then say middle shirt and same on the back )?
    — if yes next question, if no I guess i am stuck with belt printing and extreme costs

    – Print a background, then overlay a design on top of that shirt?

    – Does the thread count become a factor? ie 3.4oz vs a softer distressed shirt?


  • LW says:

    I have found a good deal on a used 15×15 heat press. What am I missing out on if I do not get the 16×20? Other than the room? Will it be more difficult to do larger sized garments?

  • Cartess Ross says:

    A larger machine will allow you to print t-shirts that have larger designs. However, you can still get plenty done with a 15×15. If you found a great deal on one, take it! Just get started… You can always go larger when you start making money. A 15×15 won’t prevent you from making money 🙂

  • Cartess Ross says:

    You could definitely do oversized printing with the 16X20 — I haven’t done much of this, but I know it can be done. You won’t be able to do the ‘overlay’ — at least I don’t think so. Give these guys a call and ask that question — they could probably better answer that for you: http://www.txpress.com

  • Favio127 says:

    can i use a Steam Press 

  • Rmc_gold says:

    hi do you ship to australia? 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    do you ship to denmark europa

  • Charlie says:

    Hi Cartess

    I am pretty interested with your idea and machine. Do you ship the heat press machine to Malaysia?

  • Hosea says:

    do u ship to new zealand

  • Cartess Ross says:

    Unfortunately we don’t. Sorry. I don’t think our voltage system is the same — thus the machine won’t work there.

  • Cartess Ross says:

    Sorry Charlie… we don’t. I don’t think our voltage system is the same and the machine probably wouldn’t work there.

  • Cartess Ross says:

    We don’t. I don’t think our voltage system is the same and the machine probably wouldn’t work there.

  • Brucetrevino says:

    I am definitely interested purchasing the Gecko GK-102. I live in SW Michigan and plan to start my own online t-shirt business. I was curious about other equipment I might need such as a printer or will any printer do?