Over the years, I've used many heat press machines to sell and print tens of thousands of t-shirts, aprons, canvas tote bags, bibs, mouse pads and much much more. Of all the t-shirt heat press machines I've used, the best heat press by far were the ones manufactured by Stahls' Hotronix.

Tshirt Riches is an authorized distributor of the Hotronix® and the MAXX™ Press and we're proud to be able to provide and educate you about the best t-shirt heat transfer pressing equipment!

I've posted links below to pages within our website that'll provide you with videos and information about the various types of heat presses available.

In addition to the heat press machines above, keep in mind that you don't have to purchase new t-shirt heat presses...

If the machines above are outside of your budget, don't hesitate to look for bargains on websites like Craigslist.com, eBay and Amazon. They're sitting in people's garages collecting dust and you can often find a bargain if you're willing to buy used..

Apply the extra savings towards starting your new t-shirt business.