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An Interview with a Trademark and Copyright Attorney: Protecting Your Brand & T-shirt Designs

Many of you are concerned about protecting the t-shirt designs you create and put out to the marketplace.  Another segment of you won’t even get started for fear of someone stealing your idea. That made me go out and search for an expert who’d be willing to talk about the process of protecting your brand (and t-shirt designs).

Trademark lawyer, Mr. Erik Pelton, was gracious enough to spend nearly an hour of his time with me to answer questions about trademark and copyrights as it relates to those of us in the t-shirt design business!

I’ve included a link to the interview below for you to download. Please post your comments below. I’ll be doing more and more interviews with other professionals as it relates to the t-shirt industry. So make sure you subscribe to our t-shirt blog and I’ll keep you posted as I add them…

interview-iconINTERVIEW: Protecting Your Brand and T-shirt Designs

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Harshteen says

I am really interested in the t-shirt business.But , I live in INDIA and not in the U.S . So from where would i get those special release papers and someone who could print my images on those papers,here in INDIA ? ? because you have written the following :[the transfers presented in this video are NOT the same ones you find at the local Wal-mart. And no, these aren’t the type of transfers you run through your printer that’s connected to your home computer.

These transfers are a special paper whereby a screen printer takes your design and makes an actual screen as shown in the first video; but instead of printing your design onto a t-shirt, they put the design onto this ‘special release’ paper (transfer sheet), that allows you to transfer the design at a later date (on-demand).]

Awaiting a reply.

Willian Sharples says

@John I totally agree with that point

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