It’s 2010 Folks… Start Your T-shirt Business Right NOW! 

By  Cartess Ross

Greetings and happy holidays everyone. I’m sending this out from my office at 9:20 p.m. on the day after Christmas. Yes… even I still work long hours but in 2-3 years I hope to walk away from it all, but I must first pay my dues.

Are you willing to pay your dues in the coming new year? 2010 is only a few days away and the question for you is… Will you start your t-shirt business this year? Or will you sit by and waste another year on a bunch of excuses?

You have the power to change your current circumstances simply by changing your mind… and here’s proof.

This Christmas I gave my kids $65 each (they’re young so $65 seems like a lot of money and it keeps me from really having to buy the really expensive stuff that they wanted anyways… they just like the idea of having the money I think.

Anyhow, my oldest child is 11 and he was ready to blow through his money. But, I decided to take him with me to an auction. They were selling all types of merchandise, toys and antiques at this particular auction (this is the type of auction where you can buy stuff for literally pennies on the dollar).

Anyhow, he wanted everything that came through.

After hipping him to the way things worked at auctions, I simply turned to him and said the following…

“You can spend all your money on toys today and be broke and bored a week from now with the stuff you bought; or, you can take your $65 and buy a few things today at a very low-low price and resale them for a higher profit, and put yourself in a situation to buy all the toys you’ll ever want want 3-6 months from now.”

In that moment, he opted to buy some pocket knives for $3/each and a sword.

He gave his “pa-pa”, his uncle and me a pocket knife as a present and sold the rest for $15 and sold the sword for $55 and on January 1st there is a big auction coming up and he’s going with me to buy more stuff with his profits.

In that moment a 11 year old boy made a decision to do something different and his outcome and results were dramatically different. He got to fulfill that itch of spending his money, but in a different way that allowed him to make even more.

So… are you going to step up and do something with your ideas this January 1st, 2010? Leave your comments below and make your New Years Resolution today…

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Cartess Ross

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Cartess Ross

  • what kind of paper do you use to print the picture on?……and where can i find it?!

  • which company do you suggest we use can order transfer paper with our logo that always come through for you? i just started my tshirt business i dont have wedsite yet . what do you think about coastal

  • Hi im looking for good quality transfer paper. At the moment i use crappy ones and people keep asking me to get better quality tees please help me. I have asked someone from tees unlimited for paper with my logo on it and im waiting for my quote do the transfer paper that they use have the white waxy plastic background or does it just come off leaving the ink???? PLEASE HELP MEEEEE????????? I’ve been doing so much research and i need to find just one last answer about the transfer paper PLEASE I BEG OF YOU??? HELP!!!!

  • i have been making shirts in my garage for about 3 years now and it wasn’t until last year that this stuff got real interesting. I have never done any advertising at all. All my business comes from word of mouth I used to make beer money and weekend trip cash but last year i had so many referrals and repeat customers that it became obvious I was not taking my business serious enough (two 7k months in a row). This year I am going to go full blown shop and sales center. With a good supplier and good process and good idea I am not asking myself if I will make money I’m asking how much will I make. A word of advice to anyone who’s looking at this as a business or really any self employed hopeful “This is not a job, it’s a way of life”. So be prepared to work work work work and possible not make any money. The internet is riddled with people selling equipment in failed Tee Shirt business, Tee shirts are extremely competitive and vary in price from $2 to $200, your literally working with a slice of society and everyday is something new.

  • I have been reading and thinking about your philosophy of doing business and it make good sense to me. I have subscribed to the newsletter. I plan to order your selling method and ideas. I am retired and would like to make one final stab at making a go at business.

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    Great article Thank

    you so much!

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