Top 3 Ways to Make Quality T-shirts For Your Tshirt Business 

By  Cartess Ross


There’s screen printing, plastisol transfers (screen printed transfers) and direct to garment (DTG) printing. Watch the video to find out which method could work best for your t-shirt business.

Screen Printing Process for T-shirts

Notice all of the equipment in the background… The space required … and what you’re seeing took MANY, MANY HOURS … not a few minutes.

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Cartess Ross

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Cartess Ross

  • Dominique says:

    Thanks for sharing! I’m learning so much.

    • Screen printing is a lot of work. Didn’t realized it until I saw the posted video.

  • thanks for the info… what do you call the paper with the designs ?

    • The designs can not be used with a printer. We recommend screen printed transfers. We do not recommend printing from a printer just for the sake of quality. You want to be in business selling products that will allow people to buy from you over and over again; as well as refer others to you. Sadly, printing from a printer will not allow you to do so.

      Once you have your designs created; you can send the digital files of the designs to transfer companies. They can take your design and screen printed directly onto the special release paper. There are no printers involved in this process. All the designs are printed by screen printing equipment. Once the designs have been screen printed onto the special release paper instead of directly on shirts. They’ll send you the transfers; which you’ll press directly onto the shirts using the heat press machine you’ve purchased.

      The cost of having designs printed will vary; it depends on the amount of colors you have in the design. The more colors you have in the design the more it will cost. If you’re starting with a limited budget; we recommend no more than 2 colors.
      Another fact in cost of getting the designs screen printed will be determined by the amount of transfers you have printed. The less you have printed the more you’ll pay. The more you have printed the cost to have the transfers printed, cost drops.

      We have a source list available for purchase. The source list includes various companies to purchase custom, and pre-made transfers from a list of transfer vendors as well as vendors to purchase blank shirts.

      The price for custom transfers will be determined by the amount of colors you have in your design. If you are on a tight budget then I would recommend no more than 2 colors in the design. The more colors in the design the more it will cost to have the designs screen printed onto the release paper.

      If you would, please click the link below to purchase the source list.

  • Hi,

    I am thinking of starting up my own t-shirt biz in Dublin. Will doing your course benefit me or is all your vendors and advice based in the US?


    • Hi Lourette,

      Yes, the information will benefit you regardless of which part of the world you live in. We have members all over the world. Yes, most of the vendors are located in the US. I’m sure your main questions is wanting to know if the course will work for you. All consumers’ buying habits are all the same regardless of which part of the world you live in and which language you speak, buying language is universal.

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