As a distributor for Hotronix, I’d love to sell you a heat press machine… But I realize these machines are out of many people’s budget… And for that reason, I’m going to show you how to find a great deal in your local town — for pennies on the dollar….

Play the video below:


If you have a decent sized budget, I’d recommend you starting off with a 16×20 heat press machine. I’m currently using the Hotronix Fusion machine and this machine is awesome. We are authorized distributors for Hotronix and I’m not suggesting you buy it because we make money from it. It’s hands down the best machine on the market with a very STRONG guarantee. It’s an American made product and the quality is absolutely amazing. No other machine compares to the Hotronix brand.

They have a life-time warranty on the heating element and it’s just a great deal if you’re looking at getting into this full-time.

My Hotronix Heat Press Machine Recommendations

  1. Hotronix Fusion Heat Press
  2. Hotronix Auto Open Clam Heat Press
  3. Hotronix’s The MAXX Clam Heat Press

*If you’re interested in any of these machines above, feel free to shop around… And then come back and see me…I’ll make it worth your while! I want you to get off to a great start and I can save you money elsewhere to help you jump-start your new t-shirt business!