My Preemie ROCKS T-shirt Line Goes Live!!! 

By  Cartess Ross

In April of 2011, Sirena Moore-Thomas gives birth to a 25 week old baby weighing just 1 pound, 9 ounces… His name is Brycen Thomas. 

This experience prompted Sirena to start a t-shirt business to help raise awareness and hope to parents of premature infants.

Her line, My Preemie Rocks® has launched and has received media attention and now I’m providing you with a link below to read the whole story on how she and her husband launched their t-shirt company.

Go here to read their story — they also provide tips to help you start as well… Go here: Sirena Speaks

And check out their website at: My Preemie Rocks

I’ve always talked about the importance of working within a niche that you’re passionate about. Designing t-shirts around a niche allows you to easily find and locate people with similar interests, likes, hobbies, etc…

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    Such an awesome and inspiring story.

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