T-shirt Business Owner Earns BIG Profit! 

By  Cartess Ross

Check out this amazing story from Raymond and Daisy… They got their first BIG t-shirt order the other day and I see BIG things happening for them. Like Raymond and Daisy, you to can have success with your own t-shirt business, but you MUST take some type of action to set things in motion.


“I wanted to drop you a note and say thanks.  I signed up for your [t-shirt business] course late last year.  It took me a little while to get everything together, but as I write this I am finishing up on an order for $850!!!

My wife and I live in a RV full-time and have been looking for something to supplement our income once we retire.  We want to travel around the country visiting all the areas that we have heard of but never seemed to have the time to visit.  I am retired military and found out late last year that I will be loosing my job due to office closure in April of this year.  I will be 60 this year.  Still a little too early to fully retire.

With some time to look around, I found your website and course and took a chance.  We both reviewed all of the videos and being a previous entrepreneur I sat down and looked at the numbers.  I also looked into what niche I felt I would like to work on and researched it to death 🙂  We set up our company and purchased some equipment on eBay.  An inexpensive printer and heat press for about $750 total.  Created some t-shirts for ourselves and started letting our friends and family know we started a new business.  Other than business cards and rack cards we haven’t spent any money on marketing yet.

Our niche is camping and to be honest, it hasn’t done anything yet, BUT, word of mouth has brought us a lot of small orders from businesses in our area.

Clubs, small businesses and nonprofit organizations have been contacting me almost weekly about t shirts, cups, mugs, photo tiles, even Build-A-Bear have placed orders.  This last week, one of our friends who works for a nonprofit, contacted us and asked if we could do some t-shirts for a fund raiser they were going to run.  Gave them a discounted price (wholesale) and got the order.  We will clear almost $500 on the $850 order.  If this keeps up, I may actually have to pay taxes as a business this year 🙂

Your videos and handouts helped to get us over the hump with learning and putting our minds at ease about whether or not we could do this.  It really is a business that anyone can do.  As I said in the beginning, we live full time in a RV and have managed to put aside a small office (8×10) that we have our work desk, equipment and supplies in.

We do not stock any shirts or other supplies except ink and transfer papers.  All orders are fulfilled with our suppliers shipping same day and we only order what we need plus a couple extra just in case.  We found that JiffyShirts.com gave us the best prices based on what our requirements were.  I could get some better prices if I wanted to do case lots, but for us storage is a major problem.  So paying a little more without the storage hassle works best and we are still competitive.

Thank you so much for your training and information.  I hope someday to be able to help others as you have helped us.”

Raymond and Daisy Laubert
Laubert Enterprises

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Cartess Ross

I will guide you through this process and provide you with proven strategies to help you build a t-shirt company. As one of the original pioneers to start selling t-shirts online 20 years ago, I've sold millions of dollars in t shirts to people all over the world. I founded TshirtRiches in 2007 to teach others how to turn their t-shirt ideas into a business. So if you're ready, hop onboard and let's make this money!

Cartess Ross

  • Cristine1015 says:

    Awesome accomplishment for the Laubert’s.  Although when I watched my video’s through T-Shirt Riches, Cartess said to not purchase store transfers because they do not work well at all, so I used a Transfer company.  

    • Agreed. I don’t recommend them, however, if that’s the only option one can afford to get started, I’d encourage it. You can grow into the proper equipment — I find that people who ‘wait’ until they’re able to get the right equipment, a year or two passes and they never get started.

      My biggest advice is to just get started and change/upgrade as you make money and grow.

  • I think you’re on the right track. Getting started was the most important step. Start where you’re at right now and grow into the business.

    As you make money, you’ll be able to purchase in larger quantity, thus bringing your costs down further.

    I don’t know what niche you’re catering too, so I’m not able to give you much advice. If you haven’t considered our course yet, take a look here, we go more into detail about marketing your t-shirt business: https://www.tshirtriches.com/training

  • iam too willing to start my T-shirt business for a heavy gaming category. Pls tell me if its fine and would the transfer method a better choice for printing heavy gaming graphical shirts which i also want to feel soft and durable?

    • Hi Moiiez,

      The designs we have are screen printing onto the transfer paper. Which is a special type of release paper that can not be purchased to local stores.
      We use transfer vendors to do our printing. It’s the same exact method as screen printing. The only difference is that the designs are screen printed onto the transfers instead of directly onto the shirts.
      This provides the same excellent quality as if the design was being screen printed directly onto the shirts. The method we use is much cheaper without having to invest in the expensive screen printing equipment, the inks, and the extensive process that is involved.

      If you are wanting a certain feel to the designs, you can actually coordinate that with the vendors when arranging to have your designs printed onto the transfer paper.
      We also have a sample t-shirt pack that is available to purchase. In which the sample t-shirt pack will allow you to examine the shirt and the design quality.
      To obtain access to these vendors we do have a source list available for purchase.

      The price for custom transfers will be determined by the amount of colors you have in your design. If you are on a tight budget then I would recommend no more than 2 colors in the design. The more colors in the design the more it will cost to have the designs screen printed onto the release paper.

      If you would, please click the link below to purchase the source list.

  • very inspiring. I am ready to take control of my merch and this site is such an inspiration. Is a heat transfer machine the best way to go on the road… Like literally in a tour bus(on the road)?

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