T-shirt Business Startup Course & Training 

By  Cartess Ross

I’ve got most of the t-shirt training modules put together, but I’m concerned I might be leaving something out. Could you take a look at the modules I have listed below and let me know if there is something more you’d like to learn so I can add it to the new course we’re finishing up? Feel free to leave your comments at the bottom of this page!

T-shirt Business Start-up Training Modules

Using the Internet to Market and Promote Your New T-shirt Designs:

The modules below will discuss the various avenues available to marketing and promoting your t-shirt line on the Internet. We’ll show you have to get a professionally designed website for less than $99 and we’ll also show you how to enable it to accept credit card payments as well.

Offline Marketing Strategies to Get Your T-shirts Seen and Purchased:

In addition to Internet Marketing strategies, we’ll also discuss different ways to get exposure for your t-shirts offline. We’ll continue to add to these modules throughout the year (you’ll have 12-month access to this membership site and any updates made to it will be yours at no additional costs).

Other Miscellaneous Stuff I’ve Added to this Course:

Other modules that doesn’t fit above will be added here… Based on user feedback from our members, we’ll continue to add new modules and resources to the site to help you better sell t-shirts.

Get on the list to be notified of the release date for this training series… Leave only your first name and e-mail address below:

Cartess Ross

I will guide you through this process and provide you with proven strategies to help you build a t-shirt company. As one of the original pioneers to start selling t-shirts online 20 years ago, I've sold millions of dollars in t shirts to people all over the world. I founded TshirtRiches in 2007 to teach others how to turn their t-shirt ideas into a business. So if you're ready, hop onboard and let's make this money!

Cartess Ross

  • Lanadia Nelson says:

    I think you have everything there that I would like to know on getting started in this business. I can’t wait until you have it together, your page is in my favorites. Thank you for butting this information out here to help people with dreams and ideas to grow and be happy in what they are doing, thank you again.

    • Thanks for the kind words… we hope to have this running by Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

  • I would like to see information on when the website is established how can you sale ads to other companies to advertise on your page.

    • I probably won’t touch on this topic as it relates to t-shirt sales. Your goal in getting people to your site is to sell them your tees. It’s not a good practice to have ads on your main website that would allow people to click off and shop elsewhere. It takes a lot of time and effort to get prospects to your website and the last thing you want them to do is leave before having the chance to look over your designs.

  • I would like to know what type of software program that you can use to keep track of your orders and returns for your records.

  • Hi I’m La’Terrance and I am a fan of your’s, I think God for you so much because people like me need help in trying to make things happen in my life for my family. But hoping to learn hands on about how to work photoshop and the tools to make my designs, would you know if there is a online class or college courses I can take to help me get started like graphic designing class or something? So what would you recommend?

    Thanks and be Blessed in all your doing!

    • Thanks for the kind words… a bit of advice for you. I personally wouldn’t try to learn photoshop if you don’t already know how. There are thousands of people who are 1,000 times better at this stuff than most of us will ever be. It’s cheaper and wiser to pay them to do the designs for you. Throughout our course I teach you how to get the top designers in the world bidding to do your designs for you for literally pennies on the dollar. You can literally get someone to create your concept for as little as $50 bucks (it’ll probably take you 500 hours to learn how to make that design in photoshop 🙂

      HOWEVER… I know some people insist on doing it themselves, and if you are that person, here are two websites that have online training and tutorials that’ll teach you all types of stuff with photoshop. You can pay yearly or something like $25/month to have access to ALL of their training classes online.

      I personally use Kelby Training (I’m learning photography) and the courses are great and will cut your learning curve from probably 500 hours to about 125 🙂


  • Cartess, I touched base with you a few years back and was somewhat impressed with what you had to offer then. I’m still dragging my heels on this T-shirt Business just making a few shirts for family and friends. It’s even more impressive to see you are still on the seen and with noted growth in your presentation and all around knowledge of the Custom Tee Business. I believe I’ll take a chance on purchasing the start up course and training. It’s now Aug. 22, 2010 are you up and running?… and I’d like to use Pay Pal. What’s up with you not offering this option? I’ll pay the full amount…with no problem, but, is there a way other than direct credit card? Suppose you allow me the course; trust me to mail you a certified check…done deal! Take a chance on me…I’m good! I am an Artist and I want to go ahead and get this thing done ’cause I got something to say to Da People through Art and Word. I’m good, man. What do you say? -Yha Yha

    • Hey, thanks for the kind words… I see you’ve already placed your order 🙂

  • Hi, yes I also am ready to order on the payment plan, but do agree as a business you definitely should have paypal. Everyone does not like to submit there credit card info. It is very simple to sign up and not having it could possibly cause you to lose customers.


  • Anonymous says:

    I’ll consider using paypal in the future… In the past, had nothing but problems with them and they left a nasty taste in my mouth. It’s funny, vendor experiences have been split right down the middle with regards to how they’ve been treated. They’ve froze and kept my money for 6 months without any explanation other than “you have too many transactions”. That was the last straw for me and I vowed I’d never deal with those klowns again.

    I realize I may be missing out, but I’m not eager to get back into bed with those guys.

  • Bkilerintegra says:

    hi i am interested in purchasing your program but im not sure where to go to get it

  • Heavenwbc says:

    Hello. Is your course up and ready? I was interested in taking the course.

  • Hi Cartess! Joseph here. Is it good to buy these Multi-function Heat Press Transfer Machine that comes with the mug, hat, etc?

  • Hi Cartess, Joseph Here. Also, what mug & hat press machines would you recommend?

  • Cartess, Joseph here. Let me start over…. I actually touch base with you a couple years back and now in a few more days I will be purchasing the package deal you have, depending on the tax arrival at end or the beginning of March. I have watch you prosper since. When the Real Estate Market went down I had to pick up an $8.00 hour job to an $11hr, $13.50, $16.50 and currently still working the last two of these jobs to feed my family. I thank God that He’s not in the economy and that He is Faithful and True to continue to open doors that cannot be shut. Working for the man does sucks! You’ve been very inspiring and now I’m All In. My wife and I are in agreement & look forward to this t-shirt business. You actually called me and I missed your call back in 09′. No more standing on the sidelines. Thank you for staying in touch with me through via-email. Thanks again and God Bless You and Family…John 14:6

  • I never had one, and therefore, I’m unable to provide you with an educated answer. Reviews I’ve seen on those type of machines haven’t been that great.

  • I’ve never used the mug, and my experience with the hat press is very limited… I made hats WAY back in the day… While it worked fine, I wasn’t impressed with the quality. However, that was about 8-9 years ago since I’ve messed around with a hat press — I imagine that it’s much easier and put out better quality now than it did back then.

  • Hi Joseph, I remember you… The great thing about this business is that it’s one that you can grow into. It sounds like your wife will be helping you, which is half the battle. You’d be surprised how often the other spouse isn’t willing to lend a helping hand or encouragement, so do know that you really are indeed BLESSED to have her support. Keep working the jobs that you have to keep money coming in and keeping a roof over the family’s head… Just get started and take one step at a time… You don’t have to rush out and start with hundreds of designs — start with one and slowly add and build on. Both you and the wife encourage each other and help her when you get off work. Together, the both of you can achieve the goals and dreams you all have. You will run into some bumps during this journey, but in the end, if you persevere, you’ll have success!

  • Hi Cartess, Joseph here again. Today was the day for purchasing the bundle package, I submitted all my info and nothing happened, what do you suggest. Thank you.

  • I just got your email about your errors… I just shot you an e-mail. If u don’t see it, check your bulk/spam folders.

  • I just got your email about your errors… I just shot you an e-mail. If u don’t see it, check your bulk/spam folders.

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